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On 28 November 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_3114When we arrived on Monday, November 11 , it was raining in Stonetown … as you say, paradise beach then seemed a little doomed. But it can rain in Zanzibar to a place on the island and not elsewhere. And the closer we got to the city of Kendwa, where our hotel was, the most the clouds disappeared. Arriving at Sunset hotel, the beautiful weather was there. Just installed in our beautiful and large room, overlooking the sand at 30 seconds walk from the beach, we were putting on our beach suits. And then … it was 4PM when we discovered this long stretch of fine white sand , the blue and warm water, palm trees alternating with huts for protection from the sun. This is called a real crush for me, I was immediately in love.
From what we had read in the guidebooks, we were on the most beautiful beach of the island which also had the advantage of having an almost non-existent tide so we could swim all day (unlike other places where depending on the time of day you have to walk 500m to reach the water that will cover you up to the knees) . This idea was confirmed shortly after by locals and foreigners who settled here come the island.

IMG_3254We spent five days together with my friend and I extended 2 days on my side alone. I wanted to take effect at the start of the island, walk there, go kitesurfing in Paje and other but November is a month with no wind so the kite schools are closed and finally I quickly acquired a taste intense rest. I now understand the Tour worlders that I follow who said it was good sometimes arise with nothing to do, to take a vacation. And that’s what I did!

IMG_3190Outside our intense days of sunbathing and swimming with short walks along the beach, we spent one day doing the spices tour and then visit Stonetown. Although the turn of spices is a bit touristy , it is really nice to walk into one of these farms and discover all these fruits and plants that we eat every day without knowing what they look like it. Throughout the visit, a person will prepare a basket made of coconut leaves, necklaces, bracelets and rings created with plants and other. In the end, we enjoyed the fruit tasting and shopping for spices . A very good morning.
To visit Stonetown , I advise you to do it with a guide. Otherwise , you may miss out on buildings without explaining what it is, and it has the advantage of also learn a little more about the culture of the island , religions … And as this city is full of small streets , you might lose. In short, this city has its charm with its old houses , its market auction , the port to buy fish (be careful with sensitive noses !) . I have not been transported but it is a pleasant walk to which is worth to be left on the island!

IMG_3135I conclude by saying that if you also go to Kendwa, spend all your late afternoon to watch the sunset, it is sublime. If you are a fan of diving , enjoy , seabed are superb. Small pub passage for our friends met there , Tammy and Chris, who run the center Scuba Do. If you do not want to dive deep , take at least mask and snorkel to enjoy the hundreds of fish that you will see a few meters from the shore. And do not forget to party , African dancers are great (if you ‘re like me, you will not even feel like partying in France after … ), the music is very rhythmic. Add to this a cocktail , a meeting with a group of incredibly talented breakdancers and kind with whom you spend your evening dancing and the fact that you can party in slippers or barefoot and finish your evening swim at 4 AM’ with the moon which shines upon you , then you will understand why when you put your feet once there, you do not really want to leave it…

We often see Zanzibar in postcard. To have seen with my own eyes , I can tell you that I said goodbye but not farewell to this paradise island…

Sorry, my friend went back home with all the pictures from Zanzibar, following a SD card problem, so I will upload the pictures during my return in France in December!

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