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On 31 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_0386 (1024x683)We continue our Balinese family trip to Ubud area, probably one of the most famous for visiting the surrounding areas. Leaving our home in Jimbaran, we stopped along the way in a typical Balinese house. Well…let’s be honest, more a tourist passing than an actual visit to a typical home. We do not stay long because we do not like this kind of “attraction”. Then we went into a fairly large and beautiful temple, consisting of many small temples inside. It is nice but again, we do not understand much of the interior. No explanation, no guide. Actually, there was 1 guide with a group of tourists who spoke loud (in German here in this case) in the middle of Bethel, where it is said not to go if you do not come to pray… so we moved our way fairly quickly to go to Ubud.

IMG_0831 (1024x683)Arrived at the villa, the manager of it opens the door and then…shock! The villa is beautiful, lost in the middle of the forest, rice fields, river flows down. No neighbors nearby. And the villa itself is beautiful! Infinity pool, small structures here and there to land, open to the outside for the lounge / dining areas. The bedroom is larger than my old Parisian apartment, the bathroom is sublime, while still overlooking this nature outdoor, awesome. Hundreds of colorful tropical flowers, a staff attached to the lovely and quiet villa, a gem on earth… This is the first time we find ourselves in a place like this! I recommend right now the villa rental when you are with others. Bali offers a lot of villas with great prices that will not cost you more than going to the hotel but which are much more friendly !
IMG_5432Anyway, after a dip in the pool and a lunch with amazing spring rolls, we decided, the women of the house , to go to a yoga class, a must do in Bali, at Yoga Barn (very famous). 1st yoga therefore for Aurélie and I, my sister and my mom are going regularly to courses. The place where the classes take place is very friendly and nice, the teacher is cool. There is however a lot of people (it is BaliSpirit festival), but we can find space for our carpets. Then begin the exercises and postures. It is a little slow for my taste, I love the sport that lets off steam and goes fast, but it’s interesting nonetheless to discover this practice. Back at the villa, small dips in the pool before an excellent dinner of fish and we all fall into our cozy beds with the rain begins to fall, which will last all night.

IMG_0614 (1024x683)So we wake up under a rain that is about to end. This is the end of the rainy season in Bali so there may be a small shower but we were lucky, it rained all night but stopped at around 9am, which allows us to enjoy day. So, we set off for our first stop at rice paddies of Tegallalang. Say it right now: one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen in 6 months of traveling! Green with color gradients, with these famous “floors” that characterize rice fields. We start to walk on the small way IMG_0591 (683x1024)while the other tourists stay at the top to take a photo (good for us, we take our time and enjoy rice paddies to ourselves!). In the midst of it all, beautiful and colorful flowers again , meeting a gentleman who works in the rice paddies (which takes in passing a donation to the bridge built that help you can cross the river), we enjoy the moment. Whenever you go up or down one floor , it is quite amazing how the view of the rice field completely changes! A small house here, a mini temple, again gives more charm to it. A real favorite for me and for everyone!
Then we go on the way to a coffee plantation . Again, a fairly touristy place so with a small organized tour , not our hobby… But the guide is very nice and in the end you can enjoy coffee and other drinks with a great view of the rice fields.
IMG_0759 (683x1024)We end the day by visiting the temple Tirta Empul that is the temple in which many Hindus go because it possesses within it the sacred sources with magical powers. So they go to purify themselves in the Great Basin, and thus pass a stream to another by making each time a prayer and wash themselves. There is also an altar at the entrance where they place offerings before entering the bath.
Back at the villa, we find my sister and her boyfriend who decided to stay at the villa and we enjoy this wonderful home. In the evening, the staff had offered to concoct a typical Balinese dinner which is excellent (I highly recommend!) and we conclude with an evening playing tarot, as the good old days…

IMG_0951 (1024x683)The last morning in Ubud, we stay in the villa. It is so beautiful that we really want to enjoy! After a good breakfast, we spend the greater part of the time playing in the pool, take multiple photos (including a jumping which also earn me a landing on the knee one of the walk to the pool which leaves me a personal Balinese souvenir on my skin!), we have fun! Then it’s time after lunch to take the road towards Candi Dasa where we have our last villa shared with the whole family.

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