When I see life in tulips

On 28 September 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

For a week now, it’s spring festival at the botanic garden in Wellington. But as I worked a lot, I didn’t have time to go check it. My manager at the restaurant told me to go have a look especially to see the tulips, because after this Sunday that will be over. So despite the rain and the fact that I was tired, and because I always have been used to have flowers at my house and I love that, I’ve been there. And I was not disappointed! I admired multicolors tulips that brought sunshine to this cloudy day. One of these days where I wish my parents and my grandmother were there to walk with me, knowing that they would have loved it.

Better than long speeches, here are some pictures to show you what it looks like. I’ll probably go back there this week on a sunny day if my schedule is alright and if the tulips are still there :)




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