What’s the cost for a World Tour?

On 16 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

For those who still hesitate to do a World Tour, it is obvious that such a project requires small economies thoughts beforehand.

To help you budget your trip, here are the costs that I had personally (vaccines costs apart since I was refunded but you can view the detail here and no travel insurance costs since I am insured through my Visa Premier card):

For details of equipment costs, I let you see this page. To see the contents of the first aid kit, see this page.

Good to know: you can evaluate an average cost per day per country to provide. Of course, your expenses will vary depending on your style of travel (overnight at the hotel / hostel / couchsurfing, food, means of transport…), this is given as a guide to evaluate the budget required. For example for me, as I volunteer in Kenya, I pay the association but I do not have any additional fees on the spot because I’m housed / fed in a local family. On the contrary, it will cost me higher Tanzania because I want to do a safari so I added to the average cost an estimated amount. Same for Australia, it’s one of the more expensive country where the cost of living is high (such as New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Canada), but I intend to work so I evaluated a total budget for these countries.
I looked in particular the website Tour du mondiste who has made a study which evaluates costs per day and per country, then I calculated my estimated depending on my mood and my way of life:

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