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On 2 May 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Small paradise in Laos, these 4000 islands definitely worth visiting. In reality, you can stay in 3 of the islands (and admire the others from your bungalow or swim until you find a sand ski in the middle of nowhere!). I chose personnaly Don Det, one of the smallest islands, that I had heard about and where I joined Flo & Pit that I met in Cambodia few days before.

Installed on the hammock of the bungalow, you just have to enjoy your life, and the view! The sunset is a special moment, sublime colors reflected in the water ranging from pink to purple and so on. I have thought much of Zanzibar also with these color gradients. Outside of that? Not much to do! Take the time to live, to stroll . There are a lot of bars and restaurants on the island so depending on your mood, you rather go here or there. Some venture into hiking kayak, you can take boats to get from island to island or rent a bike to go around.
Personally, I just took my time, I watched movies at Adam ‘s bar, jumped from the wooden diving made by the reggae bar, listened to music from the hammock and had good laughs with the guys. I talked with the locals, had fun with the kids, watched the buffalo eat on the island or bathe beside tourists. Besides the many swimming in the Mekong! And in the evening, once past curfew and lights out, do not forget to look at the starry sky reflected in water, a pretty magical moment…even more if you’re in the water at this moment!



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