Visit of the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie

On 17 August 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_16918 months ago, my sister offered to my family a quite original Christmas gift: the adoption of two koalas. These koalas were adopted at the Koala Hospital of Port Macquarie, on the east coast of Australia. So as it was on my road, I thought it would be a nice idea to visit this particular hospital and take some news of our koalas, Hibbarb and Alex Gordon Firie.

So here I am at the hospital at around 2:30pm, knowing that there is a free tour every day at 3pm. In fact, it is a large outdoor area consists of separate enclosures for koalas so that all of them have its own pace. At the entrance there is a large board showing the koalas that are currently in the hospital, their age, where they were found and the type of injury / illness they have. IMG_1721There are obviously a lot of eucalyptus everywhere so they can feed (and eucalyptus branches are hanging out on each of the trunks for koalas who can not climb trees). Koalas are separated into several “groups”: the young ones, which were often found on the side of the road (probably abandoned by their mother for one reason or another), are put together after spending several months with a volunteer from the hospital who took care of him at home to learn how to feed himself and feel safe. Critically ill patients are in an enclosed area not open to the public so that they gain strength, seek care properly and this avoids to scare them (and for us to cause much trouble, some are apparently very hurt). Each other that are treated, shaped but not yet ready to be released have their own pens to take time to recover. .

IMG_7719This hospital thus gathers koalas after someone called them to report a sick or injured koala. You should know that most injuries come from car which hits them on the road or dog that attacks them. They are then repatriated to the hospital and cared for. Their name is composed of two parts: the first part is where they have been found to release them in the same place whenever possible, and the 2nd part is the name of the person who usually found them or given name. Volunteers will then give them all the necessary care, feed them, protect their pen, etc…
All of them can’t unfortunately be released if they are too injured. One of them for example, Barry, is now too old and too injured to return to the forest. So he will end his days peacefully in the hospital but a stuffed mascot was created in his image and people are now providing the photos with it at the 4 corners of the world so he also travels :)

IMG_1735For my part, I enjoyed the visit, which also allows for a different time on this trip and see that some people take care of these animals so endearing. I also had the pleasure to learn that our 2 small Firie Gordon and Alex Hibbarb were released and resumed their lives in their respective forests. So I did not have the chance to see them but it’s for a good cause in this case! They are so far in good health!
If you want to adopt a koala and help this hospital so that they continue to have the resources to take care for these animals, please go to this page. You can view the stories of koalas and adopt the one you want and, after, receive a complete description of it.

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