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I had an article before starting to learn all about the visa. Now that I’m gone and I’m facing the reality on the ground, I’ll explain the steps I have undertaken for each country if it can help you. I will not restore the papers to give each time they are identical or embassy addresses you find in my article here.

As it was my first country, I do my visa before leaving the embassy in Paris. No problem, you make requests papers, visa and passport and in about 5 days, you will get your tourist visa allows you to stay in the country three months from the date of entry. You can also get it done on arrival in the country at the airport or border posts. Quick Tips: when you have a Kenyan visa, be aware that you can go to Tanzania and Uganda 1 time and return to Kenya without repaying your visa! And know also that even if you volunteer out there, you better ask for a tourist visa is easy to obtain (and cheaper) and if your missions lasting more than 3 months, you can renew your visa without too much concern .

I did my visa at the border crossing between Kenya and Tanzania via my bus ride. Again no problem, you need a visa fee, passport and fill out a card out there. After that they will take your fingerprints and have your visa.

It is better to go a little early for this visa applications flowing according to time of year . It is not possible to do so upon arrival into the country . So I took a quick trip to France for Christmas to have it done at that time the . They have a very well done to all the steps to follow site . You will need to fill out an online form . Once it is completed, you can go to the office VF Services Limited Paris (42-44 rue de Paradis – Paris 10) or send your request by mail if you are not in Paris. Depending on the season or you ask, waiting to get your passport and your visa is longer or shorter . Personally, in 3 days I had my visa! You must return to the office search . Attention to this passport , you are asked a passport photo size different from the classic photo booth . They have their own booth ” certify ” otherwise office and look out the dimensions on their website and will have them done in a photographer. The visa gives you the opportunity to stay three months in the country.

Burma (Myanmar)
Unfortunately I did not have time to do my visa for Burma in France but I do know that you advise too ! So I had it done in India. At the time I write these words , I do indeed still have not but it should settle within a few days . So to do in India , appointment to the embassy of Myanmar 3/50F , Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri ,
New Delhi 110021 . Paper applications are: passport valid for at least six months after the date of exit from the country , photocopy of passport, copy of your input and output airfare, 2 passport photos and a money order. And this is where it gets … You will be asked to pay 20 USD ( or 1300 RS) but they do not accept cash and I got denied the mandate by 8 banks. Fortunately , I met a person who had too and I was so sold ( lucky you say ?) . Apparently if you can go through a local travel agency that you will do so with their account through RS 200 . FYI, they changed their method on 1 January 2014 and you can usually make a deposit of money in their bank account. But again , a time I write these lines, and although we are on January 6th . This new method does not work yet … When it is effective , it should be simplified . Once your insolvency, it’s very fast , you passport and visa back within 2 days. But my advice: get it done in France before departure if you can either do it in Bangkok if you go forward, apparently it is very easy to do out there in 2 or 3 days. Attention, it is impossible to return to Burma as a tourist if you do not have your visa before leaving.

Again if you can, do it in France. Otherwise, they have set up a web or you can apply online “visa on arrival” site: Once the request is sent (and a few euros for the service), you will receive an email within about 3 days an acceptance letter for visa on arrival at the airport and a link to download the form to fill. Print these two papers and meeting with the airport for your final receipt. Please note that this method only works if you arrive via one of the international airports. In case you arrive by bus or other, you ask, I think it’s different.

No Visa is required for a stay in the Philippines for less than 21 days. Beyond the 59 days visa (maximum extension of 38 days) can be obtained from the embassy. Count 30 € for a single entry and 60 € for multiple entry.
There, you can extend his visa from the Immigration Office in Manila on payment of a fee of 2,020 pesos. Must write a letter of request.

Bali (Indonesia)
Tourist visa is required. 2 ways to get it either before your departure from the Indonesian Embassy. It costs 40 €, it is valid for 60 days. Be arriving in Indonesia Denpasar airport (€ 21, U.S. $ 25, valid for 30 days, logically renewable once for 30 days on site with immigration services).

You can obtain it really fastly and simply at the airport! A very effective counter upon arrival at the airport in Phnom Penh issuing the visa in about 5 minutes. You have to pay $ 20 and think about having a photo ID with you (they give you the form when you get off the plane). Cheaper to do it on arrival than before leaving so every advantage to use this service!

Visa at the border when you come by land. I crossed the border in southern Laos, to arrive at the 4000 islands. The visa itself costs $30 + $2 output buffer from Cambodia but unless you want to stay planted 12 hours at the border and get bored with the guys there, you will pay a small fee (thank you corruption...) for someone to do the visa for you. So I paid $40 in total, but as I said, do not want to talk too much and get stuck in Cambodia!

Visa at the border when you come by land with Laos, I passed the border in northern Thailand. The visa is free for French and since recently, you are entitled to 30 days visa (this was already the case when you arrive by plane, it is now also the case for land so do not forget to ask!).
Careful, in recent days, the customs now banned foreigners who have a free visa for 15 or 30 days to do the “visa runpractice, which consists to cross a border and re-enter the country to benefit a new free visa. Now you must pay to the embassy to extend your visa, they won’t let you come back to Thailand if you do not do this process! I have paid 1900 THB (around 42€) to extend my visa for 7 days, the maximum authorized. But I talked with a guy at the immigration office in Hua Hin who told me that apparently you can still go to one of the boarder and get a 15 days visa for free.

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