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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Here are some links you may find useful in your researches. This list is obviously not exhaustive, if you know other important links not listed, please add them in the comments of this post to share your experience with the greatest number!

Tour du mondiste -> one of the best Round the World blogs which gets a lot of useful information

Ariane -> website created by the government to declare yourself when you arrive in a country, for them to know where you are

Pasteur Institute -> to find all the information about vaccines

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères -> information about all the Visa + go to / call of the embassies

Working Holiday Australie -> if you dream to work on the kangoroos country
Australie n’ Zelande -> Laurent’s website that explains everything about the working-holiday in Australia, in a very easily and efficient way. The website is updated regularly with the prices and other important things!

ABM -> Aventures du Bout du Monde, website that shows a lot of general information

PVTistes -> the PVT is a type of Visa given to work in some countries. This website presents a lot of information on lots of countries, on procedures to follow when you want to live abroad…

Couchsurfing -> website to meet all the people ready to welcome travellers for free during one night or more and to share with them as much as possible

Airbnb -> same as Couchsurfing but not free. You can find a room at someone’s place or a flat to rent

Fédération Unie des Auberges de Jeunesse -> find all the hostels around the World. Take your member card before leaving to make sure that you can go there!

World weather

Xe -> currency converter

For all the links on agencies for the Round the World ticket, insurances and everything, I let you take a look at my following articles:

Round the World ticket


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