One afternoon at juvenile

On 7 October 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Note that I prefer to avoid early, sensitive souls refrain! In any case I want to offend the sensibilities of anyone so if you think you can not / do not want to read a difficult article or that it is just not a good time, come back to it later!

IMG_0777Sunday afternoon , we are going to the juvenile with nine members of the family to go to meet these children. The juvenile is a place where children go when they have done something serious (theft, violence, rape … ) and their parents can not take care of . For your information, even if it seems hard enough for a first, know that in Kenya, a person who is caught stealing or another is immediately cut down in the street by the locals / those who surprised hom. To be discussed with Hellen since it arrived a few days after my arrival in our neighborhood with a young man was caught stealing and then almost beat to death but (thankfully) was saved just because ‘ Hellen requested, you can not save the people here because if you ever denounce the police and send them to prison, upon release, they will find to kill you… This discussion was quite shocking because my family has been stolen one night three weeks before I arrived, but they do not know who did it and if they had known, they would also have preferred this guy to die rather than denounce and risk their own lives. More culture shock I guess.

Back to juvenile. This is almost a chance for these teens to land in a place as thisIMG_0790 one, they have the opportunity to have a 2nd chance, which is rare in Kenya. They must attend classes seriously, living in rooms that resemble military dormitories (from what I’ve seen since it is forbidden to take pictures or get there) and are constantly in uniform, one for girls and one for boys. From what I understood from the organization, they have of course supervisors, guards at the entrance to monitor the comings and goings (visits only allowed on Sundays) and one of the older children was respect the silence and order with a stick and a belt in his hand, in case one occurs too strongly.

IMG_0834About us , the goal is to spend some time with them thinking about something else. They were all curious of the idea of seeing ​​a mzungu (white) and back then wanted to know my name and where I come from, a little thing can bring to them so much pleasure… For 1 hour we asked who wanted to make a small show, like sing something or other. The 10 volunteers were singing all different styles, it was really nice and good atmosphere even though I did not understand their language. I was particularly impressed by one of the boys who sang superbly and in English. I learnt later that he was there because he had raped a girl, he is only 15 years maximum… Before leaving, we raise funds to buy them bread, something they usually don’t have. We then distribute them. In the end, two girls in particular were desperate to take a picture with me, what I did with pleasure ! To discover all the photos, go to my photo gallery .

After that time , we went to the Hippo Point, where you can see Victoria Lake and hippos sometimes. It was not beautiful weather, we didn’t see any hippo in sight but we had a great time together and it makes us feel good ! Some family photos in the gallery again!

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