Tongariro Crossing

On 6 January 2015 by From elephants to kangaroos

tongariro3I am late on my posts but I try to write all my last steps to share with you my last weeks of my round the world trip. One of my last steps in New-Zealand was in Turangi region, in the center of the Northern island, to do one of the trek I expected the most: the Tongariro crossing. It’s ont of the most beautiful 1-day trek in the World, 19,4km long. The tramp itself is not very technich and open to everybody, but you still need a good physical condition to do it because 2 or 3 parts are more challenging.

For my part, I was dreaming about this trek. Why? Because beyond the fact that you find at the top a volcano (still active), the stones covered with lava or red earth of the volcano, you arrive in the middle of the walk in front of the emerald lakes. And these lakes made me dream. To discover these bright green lakes, it was one of my dreams during this world tour.
tongariro1So I left early in the morning at around 6:30am with Pat, 62 years Kiwi who has never really walked, and who welcomed me to his house the previous day, and wanted to do the trek for years and took advantage of the opportunity to come with me. It was under a bright shining sun that we started the crossing. Stunning scenery in front of us throughout the trek (which took us more than 8 hours), the discovery of a place like no other, the pleasure of sharing the day together although we did not know each other before, the famous breathtaking emerald lakes, the desire to turn back constantly to see how the landscape changes as we walk, the mutual care between us. And in the end, the pride of having made this trek, to have reach the end of the trek but also of this challenge together and shared this beautiful moment.


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