The GREAT Ocean Road

On 19 July 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_9533I had heard about this magic road, near Melbourne, which leads you to the famous 12 Apostles. I knew that the road would be nice on the way too. But I did not expect so much magic in such a short time… And despite the rain and wind that I had along the way, nothing has been able to alter my joy at this little road trip.

So I left with my sister New Bettle under the sun. The Great Ocean Road actually starts in Torquay, great little town beach full of surfers. And already the reflection of sun beating on the rocks giving beautiful colors on the nature. Just started on the road and I already found in a field on a slight loads of kangaroos, I definitely like this much nature of animals in this country, animals that I am not used to usually see and personally love it!

IMG_0192On the road, many stops that I won’t describe here but beautiful views, beautiful beaches, small towns in quiet environment and whose points of information are full of adorable Australians ready to help you. I spend my first night in Apollo Bay with 4 Brazilians, before the half final of the football World Cup against Germany. Suffice to say that there was much talk during dinner about football and the next morning, despite the crushing defeat of their country, smiles and conversations continued!

I started the 2nd day by a visit at Cape OtwayIMG_9746 where you can see loads of koalas. Once reaching the road, I do not see them for now. Difficult to drive and look in the trees at the same time even while driving very slowly. But after a few minutes, my eyes start to get used to it, then I start to spot some koalas in the trees, some rolled into a ball sleeping or some other eating quietly their eucalyptus leaves! And hence time of great joy that my words on this post won’t translate but while I drove slowly, I saw something cross the road. Thinking about it, I understand that it was not a cat. So I stopped the car on the side of the road and camera in my hand, started to look for the koala. And I found him, down a tree, about 2m from me… I’m so happy, I look really into him, all the details, this is the first that I see so close and so I can really observe. He begins to climb the tree but really looking at me. While other cars stop seeing my car, he starts to be a little afraid and begins to climb to the top of the tree. But remain by far the most adorable koala that I have seen, at least until now!
IMG_0063I then continued driving until the arrival to the famous 12 Apostles but it was raining so much and there was so much wind that I could not get out of the car to see them. I was very disappointed and I continued my journey to see other points of view, very nice though! And I came back at sunset time, hoping for a miracle. Which happened! Down the steps to see the first apostle from the beach, the rain stops, few clouds leaves letting a little light going through. Then I loved watching the 12 apostles from the point of view, especially since I was already accepted that I won’t see it that day!

Next morning, even though I know that the weather was not going to be better, I get up at 6:30 anyway to go watch again the 12 apostles at sunrise before driving in reverse. Despite the bad weather, again, a few clouds leaves and let an escape for a great light on the rocks, leaving me to enjoy (alone) this amazing landscape. IMG_0205I stopped again at Cape Otway on my return and search for more koalas on the path, and find a superb wallaby in the middle of the forest very lucky! And at the end of the trip, like a cherry on the cake, while I was looking for kangaroos near South Side, a double rainbow sky appears near Bells Beach, one of the legendary surfing beaches in Australia. So I go there to see it from closer, really amazed like all the people around me You look at this phenomenon as children, colors burst, surfers are in the water, one of those magical moments where you say to yourself that nature does things pretty rightly.

So a great ocean road, that leaves me with amazing memories of landscapes and animals that I’m not going to forget any time soon!
I take a lot of pictures but here is a quick video of myself that I made on the beach of the 12 Apostles to say Hi to all of you from the other side of the World. I hope that you’ll smile as much as I had pleasure to make it!

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