The emotional lift

On 6 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

D-14 before my departure… How many times this last few days have I heard “Do you look forward to leave?”, “Are you ready to leave ?”, “Are you stressed?”, “You can’t go back now on your project!”. So I think it’s time for me now to describe you the emotional lift that goes with a World Tour prep’!

IMG_2283A World Tour takes a long, very long time to prepare. You may have think about it for years / monthes / weeks! In my case, I liked this idea for many years already and I always said “one day”. It is now one year and a half I decided to go abroad, and the idea of the world tour has been imposed on me about 10 months ago. And when you have so many time to think about, believe me, lots of emotions come and go and they do not look alike … Your brain goes in all directions, a discussion can switch your pre-adventure and the next day you will read something that switches your mind in the opposite direction.

At the beginning, your brain is in a discovery phase: without realizing it, you talk with former “tour worlders” about their experience, their journeys. You read books, watch movies that make you want to travel and travel again to some countries. Then you finally admit to yourself that you’d like to travel … You start to look at many travelers websites to see the feasibility of such a project, where to go, the cost, what steps to take …

At the moment comes the euphoria phase: it’s decided, it’s your turn, you’re leaving! Everything starts to be possible, you manage the situation with your job, start to really get into the concrete steps, dream about your future destinations, consider the fact to go alone or with someone else. You’re amazing, you are going to leap (you!).

Until … you start to talk about your project around you. Your close friends find it fantastic, family worries a little, some do not understand why you want to do it or how you will do it. There then comes the phase of concern or questioning: “I am crazy! Why am I getting there? Do I have the ability / mental to do it? Isn’t that too hard for me? I do not have the money to do it! I’m afraid … ”
During this phase, one tip: stop everything, take a deep breathe for a few days, don’t talk about it anymore, forget about it and come back to it a few days later!

Then follows the preparation phase: you get back to reason and reasons that made you have this project, you get into your project again, it is decided, you go! You buy your equipment, make your vaccine, you ask for visas, create your website. This is the longest phase, everything is reflective and time consuming. Every penny must be spent wisely, each vaccine should be done, if it is necessary, on the proper timing, your project is clear in your head and in those of your loved ones at the same time.

IMG_2281Once there, you are almost at the time of departure. Yes but now, just before, you enter the phase of detachment: you wait for your departure. If you were asked to leave tomorrow, you could do it. Yes but you have to wait a few weeks / days more. You don’t know exactly what to expect, your project is conceptual in your head but not yet concrete. You live day to day without purpose, a kind of “wandering” pleasant and disturbing at the same time.

And then, the big day of the departure is arriving, finally, detaching yourself of all those emotions and allowing you to simply live your experience that you’ve imagined so long. That’s the moment to simply enjoy…

So, to end this article and respond to all of your questions: YES I can’t wait to leave, YES I’m ready, NO I’m not stressed and NO I can’t go back but I don’t want to, I just want begin this amazing trip :)
My only “stress” is not being able to spend enough moments with each of my family and friends, but I will try to fix it!

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