The backpack moment

On 16 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

SacsLeave for 1 year and a half with a maximum of 15kg luggage up, here’s quite a challenge! I’m not the type to go with 50kg normally but I still like to have my cosmetics, several pairs of shoes, clothes to compensate for any eventuality … But for a round the World backpack, one advice: not carry too much or you risk that your bag is too heavy and full of useless things.

So see below my entire backpack with the content but also the cost of each element that I had to buy. For some medicine, I refer you to my health page to see the contents of my first aid kit.






In total, I spent € 1,840 on equipment (counting my camera but one part was offered at Christmas). As you know in advance that you are leaving, think to get offered things for your birthday / Christmas, it will serve you well!

In weight, I have 11kg in my big backpack (fund raising stuffs apart) and 6kg in the small one. Well, I’m a little above average and above what I set myself but I may redo some sorting before my departure and / or I will see in my short stay in Paris in December which is unnecessary and should eventually disappear.

And to find a picture of my bag contents, visit the photo gallery – before departure.

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