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On 1 June 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

I tell you many stories of my journey. What I see, where I go… But I never tell you why I do this or why I go there. Today, I will tell you a very personal story that many of my close friends do not even know. So this is not an easy exercise for me.

IMG_6168Few years ago, 14 years exactly, I lost someone important to me. He was my uncle and godfather. And I’ve always considered him as my 2nd dad. The day the phone rang this morning, I woke up and instinctively I understood without even having to get up that it was too late. A fucking disease, AIDS, won too quickly. I understood the details of it later, but this is not the topic here.
So why am I telling you all this? Well actually, it’s pretty simple. My godfather was an architect, an artist more generally too. And due to his profession, he traveled a lot abroad and I didn’t see him so often. I was already at that time a big fan of elephants and one of his favorite country was Thailand. Every time he went there, I had some stories or pictures from him. And he told me that one day we would go to see together those famous elephants in Thailand.

Now you understand where this is going… I was still young when he passed away, and so I have never been able to go with him in Thailand. So I had made a promise: to go one day without him to see and explore this country he spoke so much to us about. It took me a long time, time of my reflection, time to take a lot of courage, to go forward. And I think that I had to do it by myself and not during a trip with friends. Thailand was one of my goals in this world tour. More than just a country added to the list because it was on the way, it was a need, an evidence.

I did not tell them but I crossed the border with my fellow travelers Flo & Pit, to share these 2 days of boat on the Mekong with them for sure, but also because I did not feel the courage to go alone in Thailand. I was afraid to turn around, that it was too hard to bear. So thank you to both of you, without knowing it, you have helped me get a milestone!

IMG_6164 - CopieAs for you, François, you were right. From what I’ve seen at the moment, Thailand is a beautiful country, I met many elephants and they were beautiful too. I don’t know if it will help me move up with you but I think so. In the meantime, your name is now tattooed on my skin (thanks Luckie). Not that I’ll forget you without it, there is not a day without thinking of you, but I wanted a tattoo and nothing seemed more obvious to me that to put your name.

Well, there it is, this article is for you, because I like to think that maybe you’ll read it from I don’t know where. For me, because this part of my travel soothed something in me and had  the consequence that for the first time in my life I wanted to talk about this story. For you who know me but didn’t know this story that is part of my life I have never spoken about. For you who don’t know me to encourage you to go after any project if it makes sense for you. And for my family to tell them that life goes on, that this loss has affected me but that does not stop me from continuing to move forward, among other things thanks to them.

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