Tarangire : 1 elephant per m²

On 27 November 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_2952Well, with such a promise, there was no reason for me not to love this park! And then one of my friends told me about telling me that I will love it so I didn’t have any doubt.
Once again, the vegetation is very special and different from other parks. Here, amid a river flows, when it’s the rainy season the river is full, it must be really beautiful! For us it was generally fairly dry but there was still some water points for the animals! And apart from that, there are a lot of trees but quite apart so that we have a pretty clear view on the park and the animals. Baobabs and acacias parasol, typical of Africa!

IMG_2971I saw elephants really soon when we arrived. In a dry riverbed , other off under trees… It’ll be fun! We cross warthogs , giraffes, impalas, waterback and quite beautiful birds (our guide is a fan and expert in birds, unlike us). Claire one wonders if there are zebras in the park … Our question will quickly become dumb at the sight : we arrived at a corner, a little hill overlooking a river crossing with water, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of zebra and wildebeest around the river or already farther if they had been drinking. This felt like being in the Lion King live, some birds fly, a wildebeest calls her mom, zebras start running suddenly for no reason (or maybe a lion was in the area but we did not see it) , a baby zebra follows his mother track … great time !
The picnic will take place a bit further but at a somewhat similar location overlooking the river yet. And be careful baboons watching you eat and are ready to steal your food!

IMG_3042We have 2h in the afternoon to find animals. Unfortunately we do not see a lion on our last day of safari. But as every day, our surprise, our strong moment comes: while there was a herd of elephants in one place, after seeing dozens all day, we see another herd is further ready to descend into the river at a place with water again. Neither one nor two, Fraudy restarts the car from approaching them. And the moment is magical: dozens of elephants begin to descend into the river, walking one behind the other, drinking, washing and go away, perhaps to follow the course of the river. This moment last 10-15min for my greatest happiness. Another dream come true in front of my eyes, it’s amazing …

IMG_2993We still observe some animals before release, we will also admire the exceptional view of Tarangire Safari Lodge (go take a look if you’re in the park or better, sleep there!). And we are outputs…

All sad to have finished this wonderful safari adventure but extremely happy about what we lived. 1 week forever etched in our memories, many dreams come true, even if it’s hard to realize just what we have just experienced so much it’s crazy. And some thousands of photos to sort through … A unique journey!
Next step: the paradise island of Zanzibar!

Ps: we slept in Arusha at the Moyoni lodge that I really liked. The place is really nice, with a nice garden, nice people and good food. A good address !

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