21. 12. 2013

My useful Kenya

Visa Make your visa before you leave for simplicity . Valid for 3 months with the possibility to go 1 time in Tanzania and Uganda without repaying the visa returning to Kenya. Cost:...

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20. 12. 2013

Back on 3-month humanitarian mission

After 90 days passed between Kenya and Tanzania, I’m back for few days in France for the holidays before going to India. The opportunity for me to make a first assessment, add photos,...

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18. 12. 2013

So what is Africa?

Before starting to read this article, I advise you to read it while listening to the song of Jinja Safari called Mermaids, I wrote my article on it and it goes pretty well...

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20. 10. 2013

Mass clean up in Manyatta

Since my arrival in Kisumu, one of our biggest projects was this great cleaning scheduled on Saturday, October 19 in one of the dirtiest parts of the city, Manyatta. For several weeks, so...

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15. 10. 2013

Cost of living in Kenya

I continue my articles on the everyday life in the country. After local transport and local food, now I pass on the cost of living in Kenya. Many people think that Africa does...

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11. 10. 2013
riz viande

So what do we eat in Kenya?

More of my articles on the basics of local life. After making you discover the local transportation, today I’ll show you what we eat in Kenya. Here, there are two basic fundamentals: tea...

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07. 10. 2013

One afternoon at juvenile

Note that I prefer to avoid early, sensitive souls refrain! In any case I want to offend the sensibilities of anyone so if you think you can not / do not want to...

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30. 09. 2013

My house from the inside

Today I present you the house where I lived for 9d ays now and for more 5 weeks. In fact, we are 11 to live in this house (5 adults and 6 children),...

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29. 09. 2013

1st week of volunteering

So here I am in kisumu for 1 week and I can tell you that a lot of things happened… Today, I will focus on the first week humanitarian mission, I will explain...

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