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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

As I’m leaving for a long time, I decided to devote a part of my journey to others. It has been a while indeed that I looked at humanitarian projects and that I want to get involved in a project. Here is the perfect opportunity to share!

SVI_logoAfter a lot of researches and discussions with people around me, my choice has come to SVI – International voluntary service. This association is based in Belgium and it’s the relay with many local organizations in different countries of the World / all continents and all types of missions. This allows you to choose where you want to go and what type of project you want to invest to! By the way, thank you for the talk Juliette about the association and for your invaluable help on information!

I am therefore searching for missions that interested me on their website. As I always loved children, my choice was quickly directed to “Kids” missions. And trying to compile choice of countries (Kenya and Tanzania), dates and tasks / conditions of the missions, I decided to get involved in two missions with CIVS Kenya quite different:
civs– The first will be devoted to Migosi Family Hope Society. For 7 weeks, my main tasks will be to teach children, to find artistic and sports activities to share with them and participate in the conservation of the environment and the work of the farm… During this mission, I will have the chance to live with a local family that will help me understand how they live, eat, their tradition… This mission is based in Kisumu in Nyanza province, close to the north of Lake Victoria (the purple dot on the map below).
– The 2nd is more “natural” as I will participate in the construction of Badilisha Eco-Village. During 3 weeks this time, I will live with other volunteers in a “workcamp” and every day we will learn and help to improve the nature, planting trees to reforest the land, build a food program for orphans… This mission will be based in Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria (red dot below).

kenya svi

In two cases, local don’t speak French so I will talk with them in English. For my life there during missions, details of my activities or my feelings, refer to the relevant posts in the Kenya travelogue.


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