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On 12 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Doing a World Tour, it’s really nice. But to do it and to move on, I need your support. This can manifest in many ways, the first will be your daily encouragement support. It is important to have the support of loved ones but this adventure is rich and challenging at the same time and if some day I will miss the strength to move forward, a kind word will always make me feel good. So do not hesitate, read my blog, review it, send me an email, tell me your project, I would always be happy to share with you!

carte voyageYou are a globetrotter yourself and have traveled the world or you are “simply” fall in love with a country, a population? Let me share your experiences, tell me the best restaurant in Bangkok, the lost beach of Zanzibar, the spot to learn kitesurfing in Australia, how to say hello in India! I am taking all the good addresses and info! To contact me, email me:

villaYou have the chance to have some family or friends in one of the country I’m going to that would be ready to share their experience, offer me a dinner or a corner sofa to sleep? Do not hesitate to connect us, meetings are one of the main reasons I flight around the world! And no lying, a real bed and a hot shower will not hurt! Well, if in addition they have a private pool …

paypalFinally, you want to finance a beef curry in Thailand, one night in a tent in Tanzania, a trip to Halong Bay, a day in a hospital for elephants during my trip? You want to support my humanitarian project? Each adventure has a varied price and any donation, whatever the amount, is a huge step for my journey. For this, you can donate via PayPal by clicking below. The payment is 100% secure and is done either through your Paypal account or credit card directly.


When you donate, let me / send me by email your adress and the country that you most wanted in my adventure, I promise to write to each of my donor :)


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