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On 2 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

After my wonderful family trip around the island, I am therefore landed in Sanur, in the south of the island in a villa with 5 shared bedrooms, back alone on the road. March 31 to Bali a particular event happens to Bali Nyepi.

IMG_1939What is Nyepi? This is the Balinese new year, based on the timing of moons. The day before Nyepi, March 30 therefore, the Balinese make a procession with Ogho Ogho, large statues they build a lot of days before ahead of the village, and marched through the streets in the evening with music, lights and so these Ogho Ogho. The goal? Attract demons who will hear the noise and see the light and thus will want to return the following day. But the next day, March 31, all (and tourists) inhabitants are obliged to stay at home, lights out, in silence, so that the demons back into town, find that in fact they are mistaken and there is nobody and therefore leave until next year. Yes, well … respect their religious beliefs!
IMG_1887Suddenly, the last day of March was very strange to live. You are formally forbidden to leave the house, or you can be taken by the religious police and so, as we said, “live a real Nyepi”. Do not turn on the lights (outside at least, if you do it in your room with the curtains closed and it can not be seen from the outside, it’s ok). And must be silent… No music, no discussion, no film. Both say that the evening when it is dark, there prevails a feeling never experienced before and the only things you hear are the birds (and roosters who have not realized that the sunrise was ONLY on morning) and you can only watch the stars.

In this case, on my side, I was alone in the house that day, the other people of the villa being tenants on other islands of Indonesia to escape it or meeting with friends in private villas. So, well, I took the opportunity to do all those things I always postpones (yeah you know the laundry you do not want to make, these multiple holes in the clothes and sew another), I locked myself in my room with headphones to skype friends or watch movies. In short, a very different day but in the end that is passed quickly and also allowed me (and especially) to update my blog, my photos and other :)

wegoThe rest of the time in Sanur, I met Anita from Wego.com who wants to partner with me and relay my website on their page on the travels and experiences of travelers (great meeting and we were together to see the Ogho Ogho parade). And then a little beach here and there when the tide was high.

So this is how my experience in Bali ends. Still a great experience to the counter! Coming soon my article on my general feeling on this island and my useful Bali but in the meantime, it is time for me to fly to Cambodia, after almost going one day too early at the airport!

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