So what is Vietnam?

On 8 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

As usual ideas about a country come to me immediately , as I realize that this is not as much the case for Vietnam. The reason ? I did not stay there long enough to immerse myself in the country as in others. 12 days on site in a country, it is not ( to my taste anyway) . However, I will try to give you my vision of this country.

imageVietnam is an unbridled circulation. Yes, it is perhaps one of the 1st things that mark when you arrive in Vietnam by one of the big cities, there are scooters everywhere … Besides cars , buses, taxis , bicycles and other . As a pedestrian , you do not exist ! As you impose yourself, make your way to cross a road. But eventually , you ‘ll quickly discover that people here are regulars and they avoid you all so just do not be afraid to cross and go ” eyes closed ” as I had been told a traveler in India!

imageVietnam is tourists. It has been a time that the country is open and with wonders such as Ha Long Bay and the fact that it is cheap there, the country is invaded by tourists from around the world. Accordingly? Some positive as the fact that there are many hotels and all prices or travel agencies are numerous , so you can make your choice. Negative also , I think the country has lost some of its charm, its authenticity, at least in major cities. You are a wallet, everything is subject to negotiation.

imageVietnam is Vietnamese food ! Rejoice , your taste buds will tantalize . Already with the most traditional dish, Pho ( noodle soup accompanied by a choice of meat ) but also with barbecued meats , local ” pancakes ” sweets of all kinds, and many other dishes. One thing to advise you that I did not like : the soy milk peanuts ( it was nevertheless necessary to test … ) . Good I did not venture either in alcohols where they ferment snakes and other creatures, it was repugnant to me too !

imageVietnam , it’s a bit of France. Not so much in architecture although they are trying but in small things such as bakeries and French restaurants in every major city in the famous baguette found everywhere ( but do not expect something cute aha ) in the laughing Cow ( cheese only stayed because it retains no fridge! ) in old pianos lying here and there in the names given to certain streets or monuments ( the notre dame cathedral or institutes pastor for example), in shops or in a mini Eiffel Tower is actually a radio antenna ! In short, you find keys right and left that are quite funny to watch as French ! A lot of French expatriates also what I ‘ve seen that tries to perpetuate the French traditions such as baking !

Vietnam is a coast that links Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh via full of small towns. To do this, you can take buses that are super property (including sleeper bus where I slept like a baby) or trains. Always the option of internal flights of course, but not at the same price ! The country is long , is still very large in terms of distances. The climate also varies greatly between the north and south!

imageFinally Vietnam, is its people . They are all covered with clothes from head to toe never sunbathe (random socks with sandals ! ), With their well-known conical hats on their heads . Always a face mask to protect themselves from massive pollution . These are generally people smiling when you approach them in the street though few speak English. They are quite funny to watch when in parks to play sports or play or dance! Caution, however , a real part of the population may seem hard enough and you will make a hand gesture to let you know they do not understand you (and you do not want to understand) .

imageTo summarize , for me, Vietnam is walks and explore in Hanoi , calm taking a slap discovering Halong Bay (although under the clouds ) , the French bakery in Hue, incredible charm of Hoi An lanterns and wonderful evening meeting with a minority in Dalat and the overcoming of self canyoning , the sunset from the tower Bitexco Ho Chi Minh megalopolis has reconciled me with the cities !

imageAnd once again encounters made ​​with Beth , Julia & Lola , dozens of people met to GH Hanoi , JP, Jeremie , Severin & Sean and all local motobike including Quy my guide and my Vo & Son canyoning guides that were adorable. But also the owner of Dreams hotels in Dalat was very kind and left me playing piano, so family friendly minorities, the store owner Taho in Hoi An , the photographer that I did not met but I found here and for which I had a real stroke of heart , the Vietnamese came to me in a park HCMC , torque us / Vietnam met at the airport who traded me and lent money for dinner and many others .

The stay has been short but intense! I moved around a lot in a short time in this country, took many bus ( bus 7 for a total of 51 hours) and I leave with a taste of ” I have not been through .” Do not worry, a good opportunity to return one day ! As I said a traveler, in the end, “ you remember what you did and not what you could have done ” so no regret , I have lived these 12 days at the bottom and it has succeeded wrapping me!

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