So what is Philippines?

On 23 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

After 2 weeks in Philippines, here is my vision of this voici ma vision de cet archipelago.

IMG_0345 (1024x683)The Philippines is a group of islands. It seems simple and yet … Who said islands says to move from one to the other, decide where to go and more importantly how to get there. The boat remains the preferred means of transport between islands that are close, the plane when you are farther away. Within the islands, you can travel via bus or van to go from town to town, scooter or boat depending on what you want to do for a day trip.

?????????????The Philippines is diving. Apparently deemed as some of the most beautiful spots in the world, you can dive deeper or shallower and go to the discovery of sharks, manta rays, turtles, thousands of fish course and other wonders of nature. But the snorkelling you can already see so many beautiful things, so do not forget your snorkel! And if like me you do not know diving but it attracts you, do not hesitate to get your open water for exploring the depths. Also for those you already dive, wrecks and excursions around the small islands are worth.

The Philippines is the fine sand, blue and hot water, coconut trees … what a cliché! But a good shot that gives pleasure to the eyes! Wherever you are, you can, according to your desires, enjoy the endless hidden beaches, the sun shines every day. Lazing if you want to go from beach to beach, on a boat if the island allows.

IMG_0100 (1024x683)The Philippines is (unfortunately) a place affected by typhoons and earthquakes. You will see if you go soon, some islands have been severely affected and are fully or partially destroyed . As they do, they are trying to rebuild in order to accommodate new and welcome back tourists. Obviously, it takes time but I’ve been positively surprised at how they managed to raise his head quickly! Filipinos help each other a lot and you have the means you also help through donations or purchases some stuff used to finance reconstruction . And do not boycott these places under the pretext that means there are not anymore structure, they need tourists to finance reconstruction and you will always find your accommodation and other on site. It is very rewarding to talk with them about these events and of course to help them our way!

IMG_0152 (1024x683)The Philippines is the friendliness of its inhabitants. Outside Myanmar, I have rarely met such a nice population. Always smiling, polite, a joy of natural living. Add to that perfect English and a real desire to share, you have also people that will not leave you indiferent. Children in the street or on the beach love to discuss with you, ask for your name or that you take a picture so do not hesitate! For adults, take the time again to talk to them about everything and nothing. You will not regret it!

So all in all for me the Philippines is the reunion with my friends in Bohol, the morning scooter to Chocolate Hills, the discovery of diving with sharks including in Malapascua, an afternoon at the mall in Cebu, the tower boat lagoons in El Nido, heavenly beaches north of Palawan.

?????????????Finally, once again, the Philippines is meetings with local but also with my friends JB, Gael, and then the discovery of Gregory, Dannie, Albin, Greg, Sam, Robert, Basem, Kasha, Iris, Yoshi, Jakub, Ellie, Andre, Taron, Cedric, Ophelia & friends and many others met on the road. Thank you all for sharing these fun moments!

Another great step thus added to my long list. It is now time for me to go see Indonesia with a stay in Bali with my family. As you can imagine, I can not wait to find … See you soon for new adventures and dear Philippines, very soon! I still have many islands to explore …


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