So what is Cambodia?

On 30 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

After 3 weeks in Cambodia, here is my vision of the country.

IMG_2464Cambodia is Angkor temples, obviously. A must see when you are in the country, many travelers even come in Cambodia three days just to admire this legendary site. Although the Angkor Wat temple and the famous reflection in the water at sunrise is fabulous, I really loved Bontaey Srei personally and all the others.

Cambodia is a good local food with Amok, Lok Lak, Crab with Kampot pepper and other specialties. But also good restaurants for everyone. And it’s good sometimes to eat a good cheese platter with a glass of wine!

Cambodia is also a lot of other diverse landscapes. Monuments illuminated at night in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville beaches, the islands, lost cities all around villages, nature and going back in the time when you are in areas such as Ratanakiri .

Cambodia is a country when you take time. Travel time with transportation, the time to talk with the adorable inhabitants who enjoy sharing their culture and life (especially in more remote areas ). As a result, Cambodia made me realize that I needed to slow the pace and force to take a necessary break in my journey through nine days in Siam Reap!

IMG_0465Cambodia is a great party for the Khmer New Year. For 3 days, every night, local and foreign people mingle in the crowd and celebrate together the transition to the new year. Water and talc fight in the streets, smiles, dancing, party. One key word : sharing!

Cambodia is a little expensive country for my taste, only downside. I found difficult to find a decent guesthouse for less than $6, a bus for less than $12 for a distance not so long, a meal in the street for cheap. It’s still much more accessible than many countries of the world of course but I would say more expensive compared to the Asian average! Another feature in Cambodia, you pay with dollars everywhere, it is impossible to have Riel (the local currency!) at an ATM for example.

In summary for me, Cambodia is the wealth differences observed especially in Phnom Penh and its Museum of Fine Arts, the crab in Kep, long walks on the beaches of Sihanoukville, my spring break to enjoy Siem Reap, life and people, Irrawaddy dolphins observed in Kratie, the minority villages in the region of Banlung. All under a big permanent heat !

IMG_2750But it is also all the people I have met along the way who are certainly among the coolest made ​​so far. So thank you to Chris, Charlie, Rennie & Johanne, Megan and Dan, Julie and Julie, John and Oscar, Florian and Pit, Tito, Adelaide and Kevin, the French family in Banlung and many other travelers or local with whom I had a great time. For most of you, I’ll see you on my way one day

I was not charmed by Cambodia as I have been by other countries, or at least not in the same way. I did not experience things the same way. But it is still a beautiful country that I add to this incredible trip and I recommend you to visit it. At least to listen to the stories of its habitants or to admire Angkor, again and again…


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