So what is Bali?

On 4 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_1355 (1024x683)After 2 and a half weeks spent on the island, here is my vision of the island (I can not give you a vision of the whole country because it is the only island I visited in Indonesia and I think some things are different from one island to another).

Bali, it is a small island. Small yes! Half the size of Corsica! So far in Bali, we are not talking of Km but travel time to get from point A to point B. Between the lack of roads in some places, roads damaged in some others, you sometimes take several hours yet to reach a place not so far on the map …

IMG_0615 (683x1024)Bali is tropical flowers! I’m not necessarily into flowers but I must admit that there, the colors explode, as forms of flowers, it is sublime! You can have a very green landscape and suddenly, an incredible pink flower that you will detect from afar. And I mean the pink, but you can even think about the whole range of colors possible. So, I made ​​many photos (which you can discover here).

Bali is once again the friendliness of the locals. Lovely people, who hate conflict, like that you are interested in their island and asking questions, but too shy to tell you about themselves if you do not go to them. Some are a little aggressive when they have something to sell to you, but it is the lot of all Asian countries. Outside this small handful of people, the smile on the faces everywhere!

IMG_1733 (2)Bali is rice fields! A loss of sight, this wonder of nature covers a large part of the island. And it is quite magical… Degraded green to lose reason, loads of floors. Sometimes very stretched in length, sometimes in a kind of groove, no matter how they are built, they are always magical! And especially during this season, just after the rainy season, full of rice, probably prettier to look than at the dry season!

Bali is the Hindu religion. Every day, without exception, you will see the local make offerings in hotels, on the street, everywhere. Each day, the place in the house change (for some reason IMG_1370 (1024x683) (1024x683)even them can not explain to you). There is a multitude of temples everywhere, 3 per city to be precise, each dedicated to a deity. And you have obviously larger temples, most famous, built on lakes or the sea or even in the middle of rice fields. Religion is everywhere, it is part of the population who sometimes dresses based on that. And it is especially here that the other islands of Indonesia must be different, since according to where you go, there is the emergence of a major religion (Christian, Muslim Hindu, …). The atmosphere must be different.

Bali is a beautiful island with very different reliefs and geography from one place to another. You will see volcanoes, mountains, lakes larger or smaller, beaches (but not necessarily beautiful or at least away from the beautiful beaches that you can see / imagine elsewhere), rice fields. Suddenly, after 2hours of car, you can completely change the environment without however changing island, quite fascinating.

P1120590 (1024x577)Bali, it’s beautiful diving and snorkeling. I started few weeks ago, and I heard of the famous wreck of the Liberty, I had to dive. And indeed, no disappointment! Sublime fish of all colors everywhere around you, a real aquarium. Larger species with turtles, sharks, octopuses and apparently also mantas raies (but I have not been where it was to see). Apparently seeing the Gili islands worth visiting too…

So in summary for me, Bali is the reunion with my family for my greatest joy in Jimbaran, my 1st surf waves trying to get up (failure so far) in Kuta and Balangan, the nice view on the sea from Uluwatu temple,IMG_1326 (1024x683) the extraordinary villa in the midst of nature and learning yoga in a famous place there, the encounter with the missing teeth guy in the Balinese rice fields in Tegallalang, simple family moments in Candi Dasa and its white sandy beach, diving the wreck of the Liberty to Tulamben / Amed, the water temple in Tirtagganga, the sight of my first volcano on the road to Lovina, the incredible hotel in the middle of rice fields in Munduk, rice paddies spread Jatiluwih (which deserve to be included in UNESCO Heritage), the Tanah Lot temple near Canggu, Nyepi in Sanur.

But first and foremost, Bali it was the reunion with my family after several months of separation, the first trip in 14 years with everyone going abroad. Giggles, discoveries, fun, sharing, simple moments as only your family can bring you on a trip like this. Do not have to explain where I come from, who I am and what I do because they already know everything, they follow me more than anyone else and it is through their support that I pursue this nice dream every day, even if it requires to be separated from them for a long time.
This trip was not planned when I thought my world tour, it was added around Christmas and we owe it to my parents. Only one word therefore particularly to their attention for offering us this reunion: THANK YOU! And see you in 9 months …


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