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On 27 November 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_2142To start in a good way the day, we decided to wake up for the sunrise with Claire at Ndutu lodge. The alarm is set at 5:45. Just exits the room, we’re back in our nature to live. The colors are beautiful, the birds sing mean, we see gazelles move … and the breakfast is on the terrace that also gives live outside. Let me tell you that we didn’t look at each other with Claire while we ate since we had rather staring at our giant cinema!

At 8 am, departure for Serengeti. More than 14000m2 nature where animals roam, the largest wildlife park in Tanzania where our guide promised us leopards (and it promises almost never), we could not wait … At the park entrance, the formalities take time so Fraudy said we can go up a little hill walking observe the landscape. Again, it’s great. Gigantic, savannah before us. We take full pictures next to pink and blue lizard and around 10:30, we are to enter the park. Vegetation is still very different here, driest one is on a landscape more arid, almost no trees. To start the day, we found IMG_2552a tribe of 13 elephants with mums and babies and 2 males, which is rare because normally males are apart from the family. But the day we set aside many other surprises: 1 quiet cheetah lying at the foot of the tree, two leopards each in their tree, a little lazy that do not move, zebras, wildebeests, gazelles … and hippo pools.
For lunch, we reserve a place with as little hut on the beach. But the surprise ending is that our buddy leopard decide to stop tanning and he waits for a little trip in the grass and then he climbs the tree (not too hard though …).
IMG_2400Our afternoon continues by observing everything. But the highlight of the show comes at the end of the day … in fact, a large group of lions and lionesses just killed a wildebeest and so we saw the first tasting dinner. It’s pretty impressive to see, sometimes disturbing but it is a unique moment. Only drawback: since we’re at the beginning of the rainy season, tourists are rare and we meet very few cars in parks but for this scene, cars waited in single file. Fortunately again, our super driver knows and arrives at the right time and in the right place so we can enjoy. But as we respect that everyone wants to see, he was told to leave, we have enjoyed!

IMG_2435Tonight and tomorrow night , we sleep in a Tented Camp, a tent in the middle of the nature , just outside the park … On reaching the bottom, we spotted a very large group of giraffes. Just time out to take a picture with her because they are afraid of our colorful clothes ! More we approach the camp and zebras and wildebeest are numerous. We will actually sleep in the middle of animals.
We’ll be the only tourists so you can enjoy everything quietly. I must admit, after dinner Fraudy offers a small night walk. But it ‘s dark , you see nothing , you hear a lot of noise. I’m not overly reassured at that moment. 2 Rangers that do not seem very effective were with us, so I fear that animal arrives without them realizing it … In short, the night finally happen smoothly or animal who comes to see us, just a few zebras walking near us , nothing frighten for a big girl like me :)

On Friday, a second day ahead of us in the park. By mutual agreement, we get up again at 5:45 with light to observe the sunrise yet sublime. And still our friends zebras and wildebeest are!
After a good breakfast, starting at 8 am for a full day in the park without time pressure! The morning starts with 3 male elephants eat quietly. Indeed, in general males are alone and take the time to find good food when females and children as a group watch over the smaller and move faster to avoid too stagnant with them. The rest of the morning will be “only” a discovery of multiple birds, owls, hippos or gazelles, warthogs and mongooses. After a very nice lunch with Dutch pension in holiday for more than 3 weeks in Tanzania, we go back in the park with the good intention of seeing the big lions, leopards and so on IMG_2596! And it is the madness of lions this afternoon… 1 sleeping at the foot of a tree. Magical and intense moment, it started to rain around 16h and then we looked without finding, 4 lionesses and one cub stood in the yellow grass where there can’t be seen to reach a place where they will be at the shelter. And for that, they had to cross the road on which we stood. Lionesses therefore approached and even made a hug (ok typed) to the car , after we had closed the windows on the sides of accuracy at the right time , have bypassed and are parts of the other hand, the lion cub who joined a few seconds later. It was during this nifty time I took one of my best shots in my animal, from my opinion. And as you say it was only to observe … And then fall on our lions eating wildebeest that had been observed before with the difference that this time there were two lions (the head and the other standby) and many more lionesses and cubs. Again beautiful shots but attention to sensitive souls , a lion with blood around the mouth is not always as cute as you think ! Before leaving the park, we sawa  large herd of elephants, giraffes and zebras. And icing on the cake , approaching the camp, we are watching lionesses ready to attack prey, zebras and giraffes being there. But these shall escape at the sight of them in great haste across the road on which we are.

IMG_2716Saturday, after a still quiet night in the tent, we go for one last morning in the park. And it is rich in animals herd 9 giraffes, lions always eat their treats, 3 giraffes with a baby, a huge herd of elephants with females and children, I can spend the day watching one of these herds without moving … All animals are fascinating, moving, graceful in their own way. Each case brings a new surprise, a new framework, different vegetation … I am completely in love! IMG_2790Good and I pass you all others animals “smaller” I will not mention again!

We redid the road until exit Serengeti / Norongoro entrance. We must now make a reverse route to visit Tarangire which is east of others. During the passage we will visit a Maasai village, interesting even if the songs are a little creepy and you really feel the tourist side of the case, and returns to the sublime view of the crater. Really, this place fascinates me … it’s sublime! And besides, as there is remains a good time, we had the time to watch the animals through the binoculars again and I spotted a rhino off the binoculars, I am strong in rhino :)


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