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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

avion_monde_2You want to make the leap and fly around the World? One of the first questions that come is: how? Indeed, the current “Tour worlders” redouble their effort to stand out and find new means of transport. For my part, although I want to use all means of transport on the way (train, bike, boat, camel, elephant, my feet…), I have decided as the most frequent travelers to take a round the world flight ticket.

Yes but now, all the people around me ask me, and you may be asking yourself the same question: how work those round the World tickets? I’ll try to explain my experience.

Depending on the number of countries visited, the type of trip you want to live, you will have a certain number of flights. The important thing is to decide well your trip before you start to compare the price.

alliancesOnce you have decided this 1st point, you can decide to buy your tickets as and when you want to allow you more freedom. It is a choice, but it seemed to be a pretty compelling solution. It would indeed ask you to frequently check tickets, be flexible about your dates, knowing where you want to go to depending your feeling at the time, not to mention the cost.

Second solution: take your courage in two hands and create yourself on an alliance website your journey (the alliance unite several companies). There are several as SkyTeam, Star Alliance, One World… but careful, you will have to plan the perfect flight, otherwise, your trip will be blocked on the website. From my experience, for example, it was explained to me that I couldn’t never cross two times the same ocean  but simulators stopped me when I wanted to do Singapore / Australia and Australia / New Zealand.

So, after having broken my teeth several times, I opted (as most travelers) to the third solution: use a specialized travel agency. It incorporates the idea of alliances, but you have a dedicated contact (thank you Emma!) to help you plan your flights, who tells you all possibilities, reserve your flights, send your tickets, warn you of any changes …
The advantages of this method are numerous: you can change as much as you want for free your dates of arrival / departure (except your 1st flight), the price is very competitive and you have a person at your disposal throughout your choice (I exchanged almost 50 emails, as it is always difficult to decide in these situations!). Disadvantages: if not those common to all forms of booking, namely choosing a direction for your trip (from West to East or vice versa) and once through the oceans, I do not see any. Beware also of the time, you have to leave and return to the departure country within a year.

So I have ctravelnation-logohosen Travel Nation personnaly: This is one of the current leaders for the purchase of Round the World tickets. They are based in England and have bilingual staff. However, note that on my side I have always traded with Emma & Chris in English, either by email or by phone. To begin, it is very simple: you send them an email giving them your ideal journey. They will respond with a quote within the first 3 days max. From there, discussions begin to choose the best route, the price, the cities of departure / arrival… All contacts are themselves great travelers and include without difficulty your constraints and requests so do not hesitate! Know that through this agency, some routes proposed a departure from London and not Paris. It can also help you with insurance, visa, etc… You decide how far you want to go with the agency!
I have made personnaly 5 (free) quotes before I decide on my final ride with the best route / price ratio. Payment is made by bank transfer in £.

Last question that often arises: what does cost a round the World ticket? Prices vary widely from 2000 to 5000 € (average I’ve seen in the diferent people is around 2500-3000€) according to the method you choose, the number of countries, the duration… Take care of studying everything, look what parts you can do other than air, it remains the most expensive transportation, and negotiate.

trajetFor my part, my situation is a bit special because I leave for one year and a half, so I’m not respecting the allowed limit of one year. For that, I returned to France in 2013 for Christmas to re-engage on one year thereafter. All tickets cost me € 3,500.

You can see below the reserved tickets for the moment with my chosen dates. Needless to say that all of this could change according to the desires and changes of plans!

To discover my flights plan, click here.


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