Family reunions around the surf beaches

On 31 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

March 15, the appointment was given: my reunion with my family after several months of travel! I saw my parents and my brother / his girlfriend at Christmas during my short return to France but very little time and I had not seen my sister for 7 months and her boyfriend for 1 year and a half living in Australia so as I say, I really expected it! I arrived the first in Bali and I joined the Ellis Hotel in Nusa Dua waiting for my sister and her boyfriend. At around 1pm, they arrive… Great joy, emotion, holidays can begin! We have lunch at the only restaurant in front of the hotel and spend the afternoon to rest at the hotel, swim, and catch up.

IMG_0377 (683x1024)The next morning, after a good night in a very comfortable bed, we go to the first villa rented by my parents in Jimbaran. It is very pretty, typical Balinese with typical moldings, roofs in bamboo and other statutes. At around 2pm, the rest of the family arrives therefore our greatest joy to all! After a little while to catch up and dispatch rooms, we decide to go to the beach in Nusa Dua to rest and take our time. The atmosphere is good, it’s good to see them all. The impression of being in a dream after these past months, it is a very strange sensation (but a very nice one!). IMG_5151 - Copie (718x479)The water temperature is quite incredible, a warmth rarely seen in my life (except perhaps in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania where the water should be around 35°). On top of that, it turns out that day is important for me as I celebrate my 6 months trip already… For the occasion, the moment is immortalized in the picture on the beach with my all family. We don’t come back home too late and we enjoy a drink of champagne to celebrate our reunion and also the engagement of my brother and his girlfriend that we had not yet celebrated together and then a nice dinner at the villa prepared by the cooks ultra nice. A night filled with sweet dreams…

We leave the next day on a beach and surf day! Bali is very famous for its surf beaches in the southern part of the island, filled with their Australian with beers on their hands. On the paper it does not really attract us but my sister and her DSC04683 (1024x768)boyfriend started to surf in Australia and we also want to try. Kuta beach is large and allows to be alone, especially as we are in Bali off season (end of rainy season). So we rented 2 surf boards and 1 bodyboard and went in small waves. Was fun at one time I take one of the surf and left me lying on a wave slide, the slippery sensation was great! Obviously, I can not get up for my first time, unlike my sister and her boyfriend who have already mastered some basics! In the afternoon, there was a lot of waves and we were slashed of our 3 hours surfing in the morning. It was therefore decided to stay calm and opt for simple bathing. Evening, great dinner at the villa and I made a small distribution of Asian gifts to everyone, Christmas in March in Bali :)

IMG_0415 (683x1024)Last day in this part of the island because we chose to move every 3 days or so to see things up without doing too much road every time. We see in the morning Uluwatu temple, it is not necessarily beautiful in itself but the view is worth the trip. We do not understand much more inside the temples, there is no explanation and even the Balinese do not really seem to know why they do everything. Beware of monkeys there are numerous and tend to want to get you all that you have (food of course but also glasses and other). You will be given a sarong at the entrance if you do not have legs covered and in all cases a belt to enter the temple. We then went to the Belangan beach pretty cool and without to DSC04712 (1024x768)many people. We rent again 2 surfs for the morning. I go with my sister and her boyfriend to take pictures of them but it’s complicated with strong currents. Then I try to go back with my sister as coach to get on the board but it is a failure. It does not stop us having a good laugh ! In the afternoon , the tide is low and does not allow to continue surfing. We even have to go to the end of the beach to take in the water and swim but the currents are strong enough and push us to the reef , it is therefore a little bit dangerous. However, the snorkelling is wonderful and makes us see beautiful fishes reallyl close from the beach. Then made ​​the idiots with “youth” under water and out , good time kidding.
After a good shower in the villa, the day ends with a dinner on the beach in Jimbaran to enjoy grilled fish with a local dancer (and crunchy music when it is not guitar players who sing in English with approximate words). If you expect to arrive at the beach and choose your fish on a fishing display, go your way. This place remains touristic and it is quite a “luxury” restaurant but the food is good and you still eat with your feet in the sand on a table placed on the beach.

An excellent start in Bali in summary :)

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