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On 1 August 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

10344410_687833947919948_6507704786389792524_oIf you read from time to time my blog and look at my photos, you probably know, I would try to be a photographer one day. And this trip made me take a lot of pictures of portraits, type of photos that touches me the most and please me the most.
I think every photographer, whether amateur or professional, had at one time a click that has advanced the project. For my part, outside of this trip I do that allows me to realize that photography is more than a hobby but a reason to get up in the morning, I had a turning point: the discovery of Réhahn pictures

10171041_659004950802848_526150667601016809_nIt was February 20th, 2014, I entered the shop that sells items created by children with disabilities in Hoi An, in Vietnam, to see the work of this association. And I fell in passing on photos that have hit me right away: Vietnamese children’s portraits. I then started a conversation with the store manager about the association but I also derived on these famous photos and the photographer who was hiding behind. We then talked about Réhahn, this French photographer who settled in Hoi An a few years ago after traveling in quite a few countries in the world. I found photos that were for sale in size postcards (and could not resist to buy some), but also his photography book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts. I did not buy it because it was too heavy to carry around but it will be in my library in France for sure! This has rarely happened in my life, not to say never, but I was fascinated by those moments of life caught on camera. As if suddenly, I felt like someone was taking the pictures I wanted to take, as if I found the picture work I love to be able to provide a day.

10321053_664956166874393_6809233617950063517_oHere, Réhahn this is the man who has changed my life a bit in his own way and without knowing it, thanks to some shots. I actually sent him an email after discovering his work just to make contact, and he was very open, I thank him. Since then, I am following his work very closely on his website and on his facebook page. In particular, he made ​​a trip to Rajasthan some weeks ago that reopened my mind on the quality of his work and that pushes me to improve my own work when I look at the pictures I’ve taken in the same cities than him.
If you like photography, portraits or you are just curious, I invite you to look at his work and follow the links mentioned before. If you are in Paris in September, he plans to make an exhibition out there that you can go and see, more information soon on his facebook page (feel free to look at each shot two times, once for you and once for me as I will not be back in France yet!).

10458394_691180564251953_7835754112070631852_nThis is an article that had long been in my phone and now finally takes place on my site. Réhahn, thank you for your pictures. I will continue to look at them with admiration and hope to one day I will be able to deliver work as touching as yours. A possible photo project is lying around in my head since February, when I discovered for the first time your photos, maybe soon I dare to ask you to help me to achieve it :)

41Ps: if you follow this site, you must remember that I had already spoken to him in this article when I had discovered!

Photo Credits: Photography Rehahn

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