Rajasthan part 1 – Jaipur and Udaipur

On 18 January 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Everyone talks about it, apparently this is the place to visit when you don’t have a lot of time in India. So I listened to the travelers an I decided to go there and discover this “king country”. For the program, Jaipur the pink city and the Amber fort, Udaipur, Johspur the blue city and Jasailmer next to the desert and not far from the Pakistan border.

imageSo I started by Jaipur, city that a lot of people didn’t really like. Lucky or not, I, for my part, really liked my 2 days there, not really for the city itself but more for the experience I had. When I arrived, Imran, rickshaw driver, persuaded me to stay with him these 2 days to go everywhere an that was a good idea!
After the classic check in at the guesthouse (great by the way: Vinayak GH), here we go to the city centre, the link city. I started by walking by myself in the city, I’ve been invited by 2 Indian girls who wanted to spend time with me for lunch, I got lost on purpose for one hour in the city bazaar to observe the women buyin their textile and saris, me, only white girl in imagethe middle of this colorful chaos! Then, we went to the monkey’s temple which is higher the city. And after some discussions with Imran, I told him that I’m a big fan of elephants. And there he is, bringing me in a small street and tellin me to get out the rickshaw. And there, in the middle of a “house”, 2 elephants eating quietly with their guide. Me, impressed, who don’t understand what’s going on in front of my eyes… We are not in a larc, there is no one, it’s not a place for the tourists… And there I am touching them, hugging them, kissing them. 1st time of my life that I touch this animal who fascinated me for so many years and see one that close. I can tell you that the emotion was big at this moment and that I thought a lot to someone of my family!
After this highlight moment, he drove me to the Jal Mahal, water palace, really beautiful especially since I’m there by the end of the afternoon with beautiful colors in the sky. And then we went to a textile fabric where I cracked on many things to buy :)
imageDuring the evening, I met John an Dan, English, and John, Irish, with who I spent the diner and evening.
The day after, I’m takin the breakfast with my 3 new travel mates on the rooftop of our guesthouse and we left together to the Amber fort. Great fort to visit that I can only advise you to see! Some people go up to the fort with an elephant ride, painted for the occasion, too touristic for me even if it’s nice to see these animals in the middle of the fort! You can then go up the the Jagher fort, the road to go there leaves from the Amber fort, an you can appreciate the amazing view and the silence!
Great moments with these 3 really cool guys. I’ll probably my meet again john in few days in Jasailmer!

image3rd day, let’s go back to the train station, direction Udaipur this time! Great guesthouse once again on the other side of the lake which allows me to have a great view on the city Palace. I’m really happy to see that this city is not big which allows me to walk all day long without taking any transport! The 2st day, I went in the city, just going from one street to another, between the Jagdish temple, full of elephants, or the Bagor ki where cows and women who do the laundry just mix. This city is really nice and peaceful compared to the others. You go up and down a lot. The end of the day finishes by a walk to the Samor Bagh garden where you have a great view on the 2 palaces Jag Mandir and Lake Palace. On my way back to the GH, I stop on the small bridge that crosses the lake to admire the sunset on the city palace, gorgeous…
imageOn the 2nd day, after a breakfast on my GH (and dressed with a tshirt as the sun is shining), I go to the city palace to visit it. Honestly, I think the entrance is quite expensive if we pay also for the camera (so I decided not to take any picture inside) but you have to take the museum entrance if you want to see the palace from inside. The museum doesn’t have for me a bug interest except 1 or 2 paintings but I find the palace not well restored. Too bad for such a nice palace from the outside! I also took the ticket for the boat ride which lasts one hour on the Pichola lake and that was nice. In the middle of the ride, you stop at the Jag Mandir palace to see it. End of the day just walking back in the streets and taking a fresh orange juice at the Ambrai restaurant (which I recommend or the view and spend also one night there if you can, it’s not that expensive and it really looks amazing from the outside). And I finally went to see the sunset just next to the cafe with an incredible view on the lake and the palace.



Next day, new day, new adventure with a bus direction Jodhpur, the “blue city”. Soon a post about it and Jasailmer!

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