Rajasthan : Jodhpur and Jasailmer

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After 4 days between Jaipur and Udaipur, here I am in Jodhpur, the “blue city”. No more room in the guesthouse I wanted to go to, so I arrive at the one next to it, Tany GH, with some lovely family, a small family GH, great room and hospitality just like I like it!

imageAfter dropping my stuff, I go to search for the restaurant L’omelette, we’ll known in this city. Restaurant you said? Actually, just a piece of a shop with an old guy who cooks in a tiny spot around 2000 eggs a day! Extremely simple but welcoming, really cheap and good food, here is a good and atypical address to go to, a must do! Small walk after that to the local market on the clock place and then I go in all the small colorful streets of this city. I discover then some blue yes, but not only… Green, orange, pink and other colors are on the houses and in the streets. I also wanted to do a personal challenge in this place: knowing that the walls were colored, I really wanted to take some pictures of the habitants imagedressed with their colored clothes in front if this walls as a background. Hesitated at first, here I am after all to ask a lot of people to take them in picture. 3 ladies on the stairs in front of their house, a men group playing cards, children running, 2 old men chatting an so much more… And as I arrive with a big smile, no idea and politely, very few refuse, I’m almost the 1st surprised…
Back to my GH, my host family ask me if I would like some pakoras. So I asked them if I can cook it with them, to see how they do, which they accept, even if they were embarrassed because their kitchen is actually just a small thing on the ground in one of their room. Then we start talking about my time in Africa, they talk to me about this GH opened only 3 months ago. In the middle of it, I play and laugh with Tany, 3 years old, who gave her name I the GH. A great moment of sharing!
imageThe 2nd day, I go to visit the fort which is high is the city. After a sportive walk to go there and some entrance fees a little expensive (even if they include some audio guide), I enter to this fort. Some nice things to see and some great points of view of the city but I prefer those in Amber or Agra! At the end, you can walk along the fort and I have to admit that you have a great view on the city and you really understand why it’s called the blue city!
I then go back in the streets to continue my “photo shoot”, again some nice moments and pictures with the locals that I hope you’ll appreciate! One nice iter diner with my family with also a hennea tattoo as a present offers by one of the lady and I have to leave this city already to go tomorrow to Jasailmer meeting John for a road in the desert…

After a 5 hours bus with a French couple, Anne and Didier, who helped me to avoid one guy who was looking at me badly, I had the good surprise of seeing Aladdin, owner of my guesthouse, coming to pick me up at the bus station! Once arrived, I waited for John on the rooftop. Really nice to see someone I know for few days! We discuss with Raymond, from Netherlands, and we go for diner up to the fort.
imageNext day, we have decided to go for a camel safari. So here we are in the middle of nowhere, with Baby, our camel driver, and our 4 camels (we share the safari with Daniel, Colombian). 1st time that I rise this animal, it’s a bit sportive! First, we don’t really realize before, but a camel is tall! So just go on it when it’s laid down is pretty hard! An then comes the moment when it stands up… A really funny moment when you don’t know what to expect! Then we were ridin our camels for like 2h before lunch time. Wood fire, cooking material on a bag, Baby starts to prepare everything like a chef! After a good lunch, we go back on our camels to see the dunes on the desert… Ok, I admit, I expected something bigger, some taller dunes, a really huge desert and so on but the spot was still really nice (if we forget the electrical pots and the fact that we had signal on our phones). I will still have to take a look at the Sahara one day…
imageAfter another nice meal, we install our beds for a night under the stars. From far away, the nicest part of this safari. When you see so many stars in the sky, that the almost full moon appears and moves all night long, it really made me feel dreamy… Wake up early morning at the 2st colors of the day, and then we see the sunrise while the moon is going down. Here we go again for 3h riding our camels before our lunch break and Aladdin comes to pick us up.
Once returning to the GH, a great huge shower is really appreciable. Farniente on the rooftop and a good night of sleep.
For the last day, we go to take our breakfast at Kuku, address I’ve been recommended and that I recommend now, really nice place up to the fort! Then we walk down the market and it’s already time to leave my traveller friend. Great moments spent with you John, thanks!!! See you soon, here or elsewhere…

For my part, it’s time to take my last train to Delhi, where I sleep almost all the time. Few hours with my friend Wok and direction the airport to catch my plane to go to Myanmar, 4th country to discover. Soon some more adventure on this website…
The occasion for me to thank you for following my adventures, for your comments, emails and support!

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