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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Charline_2For several years, I am interested in photography. I started very young watching my father and uncle take pictures with their camera, develop the pictures in dark rooms in the basement of our house. At the output of the digital, I was about 17 years. DSLRs were too expensive at this time. So in my 18 years, I opted for one of the 1st digital bridge, a Panasonic high performance for the time (completely out of the game so far when we see the rapid development in recent years).

I then started taking pictures, I took a lot of pictures. I was told that I had the eye, but the hardware was changing too fast and I no longer followed. After the path to business school rather than a school of photography, I landed at Sony, division…photo! There I discovered the top of the technology. I talked with passionate professionals, went to photography events, I had to explain to some shop assistants the technologies, bodys… I tested a lot of equipment, bodys or objectives. I then proceeded to my first DSLR, the Sony SLT-A33.

Canon 60DMeanwhile, a squirrel in London passed by me and my camera broke in November 2012, when I decided to start my World tour. I was very sad at the moment and saw there a “bad sign”, but finally, this made me asking me a lot of questions. Would this not the time to equip myself more seriously? After a lot of hesitation, a timely Christmas, good friends among well known brands and a big breaking at my bank, and I am equipped with a semi-pro Canon – the 60D for experts – and two basic objectives – the 15-85mm and 50F18 – to begin to master my camera and discovered this brand. It’s time to try …

My goal? Through this World Tour, really get into this passion that tickles me for so many time. I have so far no technical or in any case that the base, I do not hide it. But I really think I have the eye and that, it can not be learned! And for the technology, to learn on the ground, with ever more spectacular scenery, I think it is a good idea.

Ah, I hear you all, “Yes, but what if she can’t become a photograph?”. If I can’t do it? No problem, I would have learned a lot and I still would take a lot of pleasure anyway with my passion! And I will not regret to tell me one day “what if I had tried?”. It’s a dream for me, my turn to try!

To watch my pictures, check my photo gallery which will be updated as frequently as possible.

You have some advice to give to me or you want to give me a boost? You want to come to shoot with me for a day? Do not hesitate, send me an email to or come to meet me!

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