On my way to kisumu

On 27 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

imageSaturday, September 21st, here I am leaving the capital Nairobi to go to kisumu, where my volunteering mission is. Not unhappy to leave the big city, I woke up at 6:45am and there I am to wait at the bus station. We are leaving at 9am and apparently I have like 5 hours of bus.

Knowing that I was going to cross half of the country, I decided not to sleep and keep my eyes open for all the trip. And I was not disappointed: Kenya is a beautiful country with some small mountains, a very green vegetation (yeah, it’s raining almost every day for few hours / minutes here during this season) and small villages. From what people told me, Nairobi is the only big city of the country where you can buy the food, cars and stuff like that. Everywhere else, you will only find small street sellers who sell some fruits and vegetables, dead chicken (or alive to kill) or sodas as coca cola seems to be THE sponsor of the country.

During my trip, I had the chance to seat next to Millie, Kenyan woman, who lives in the US for 20 years and wants now to come back here. We discussed a lot about her life down there, why she wants to come back and everything. While we go through some villages, she explains to me the situations of each.she also tells me that we have not 5 but 8 hours to do… So…
At one moment. We arrived in a village and she warned me that it was constantly raining. And she is right, a second after, a big rain is showering us. And I can tell you that when it rains here, it’s something!

The rain and the bad roads followed us until we arrived. Hopefully we had a good driver and I have to admit that the bus company Easy Coach is pretty comfortable if you have to travel here.
A little bit before we arrived, we crossed one of the poorest village of the country. I have to admit that I was quite chocked at this moment, some people wanted to take out bus to avoid the rain but they couldn’t. Some were running after us, some kids were shoes less in the dark roads…

At 5:15pm we finally arrived. Collins, one of the family member, came to pick me. We took a matatu (local buses, I will write you a specific article on this) to go home. These buses are always really crowded so it was not easy with my bag.
At this moment, he told me about the explosion in Nairobi, which chocked me a lot. Add to that, I was very tired, I had a long day with the bus, I crossed a beautiful but very poor country, the family is composed of like 25 persons, my bed was broken,  they are really living with just basics, one the kid has the malaria. I have to admit, I wasn’t at my best at this time! One of these moments where you’re wondering why you’re doing that. But after few days here, things are starting to get into their place. The family is really nice with me, I already started to learn Swahili and to teach then the French. On the volunteering side, it may change because the school is currently under construction so it’s not possible to teach anyone!

I will give you some more information about the family, the local life, the food, the weather and the volunteering as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, one word: hakuma matata :)


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