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On 11 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Social secutiry, mutual union…it’s very complicated in France. Hopefully for us, travellers, it’s easier overseas. And when you leave, think about your insurance.

I have heard a lot about the Marco Polo at AVI insurance, where a lot of travellers go. Digging a little bit more on my side, and thanks to website, I discovered an updated comparison of 2013 for all travellers insurance on all material aspects, price… Instead of describing you everything, I advise you to download and read their comparison here by downloading the PDF file. From my side, I recommend the Global Partner by ACS insurance that seems to bring the best value support / price.

However, on my side, I did not subscribe to an insurance since I subscribed to the Visa Credit Card. This covers me in the same way that an insurance, for example to cover my hospitalization costs (hopefully I won’t test it), allows free repatriation in case of health concerns, etc.. So be aware of that, it can help you avoid additional charges. Moreover, this credit card allows you to avoid withdrawal fees if your bank has good partners abroad and if you negotiate well with your bank advisor, you can even pay no credit card fees during the period of your trip (promess!). One rule to follow: you have to pay your flight tickets and your various purchases during the trip (example: hospitalization) with it.

But before leaving, check that you’re still affiliate to your health insurance. It doesn’t cover you outside of France or Europe but you will be happy to have it when you’ll be back of your trip.

mobileo2Finally, one another point: if you want to insure your technologique material (such as your camera, your phone, your tablet, your computer…), just ask around you. A lots of organization can offer you one and when you know how much these devices cost, it can worth to pay for it! Personnaly, I took my bank insurance at BNP Paribas, Mobileo 2 which, for 7€ per month insure all of my devices in case of theft or damage. In one of this case, I will be fully reimburse or my bank will buy me the exact same device.

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