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On 21 December 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

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You can do this before you leave or when you arrive at the airport or at the border with Kenya when you arrive by bus. Cost : $ 50

Travel agency for safari
My time in Tanzania was limited to one week safari and a week in Zanzibar , I can not give you details of prices or other hotels . However , know that I booked with the agency Hors Pistes , very serious , who arranged everything for us . We had for contact:
Cynthia Deneux
FR Tel : +336 68 50 06 89
Skype: cynthia.horspistes

Our guide was called Fraudy and was really great ( spoke perfect English but not French however ) .
Cost: $ 2,730 per person, excluding airfare for two weeks including the Land Cruiser privatized , meals ( except zanzibar all or only small dejs were included ) , the hotels, the guide for the safari , water for safari.
Best hotels in this kind of travel , we offer you a package to suit your finances . For my part, we had the “low cost” version of safari ( this is one of the most expensive travel but also to my taste one of the best ) so we were staying not to within the parks. Nevertheless, we were still very close and like parks are not closed , it will not prevent you find yourself 3m from lions at evening fireside or with zebras , wildebeest and giraffes at your door … (I speaks knowingly ) . I had a crush for the Ndutu Lodge .

In Zanzibar , we stayed at the hotel Sunset Bungalow which was superb , room directly on the beach, large and very clean . FYI, it is recommended to stay north of the island in Kendwa , which apparently is the most beautiful place on the island ( I personal loved the place and we have barely budged !) .

Zanzibar – Tower of spices and Stonetown
If you want to make these two visits that are more traditional , you can contact local agencies to visit , full offer good prices and are professionals. Some of the guides speak French !

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