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This country is moving so fast with the arrival of tourism and travel guides have only 1 edition annually so it’s hard for them to monitor prices in this country. I hope this article will answer some of your questions!

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Visa: It is impossible to obtain a tourist visa on arrival at the airport that day. You need to do it before you leave your country or in another country crossed before, the simplest solution in this case is to stop at Bangkok issuing visas within 2 days.
Visa fees are $ 20 at the entrance and depending on your airline for the return, you may have to pay an exit tax of $ 20 (but it is often included in the price of your ticket).

Money: no need to date to come up with $ 400 in cash on itself as it was asked before. The majority of hotels are prices in dollars, but you can also pay in kyat. Attention, some things like the slow boat ticket between Mandalay and Bagan has to be paid with dollar!
ATM: there is now ATM everywhere and not just in major cities. I have seen in all cities crossed, including small. They settled in but it is growing very fast! For safety, always have on you kyat and dollars when you know you will join a small town or remote villages.
Exchange rate when I was there : 1 € = 1350 kyat (allow 1 € = 1000 kyat to simplify your life)

Hotels: more and more tourists come to Myanmar (and rightfully so) but today, the country does not have the capacity to accommodate everyone. Hotels are built to the chain and they are trying to fix this, but if you do not want to end up paying dearly for not terrible hotel, it is best to book in advance in large cities (including Yangon and Inle Lake for my experience). Prices are sometimes absurd in quality / price ratio due to the lack of competition and the fact that they start in tourism. So expect to pay between $ 6 and $ 20 for a double room guesthouse, it can easily go up to $ 35-40 for a hotel (or much more). Most of the time, prices include breakfast for you.

Language: you learn like everybody basic words in Burmese, although many speak only their local dialect outside major cities. Local begin to English, including people working in hotels or restaurants, but nevertheless aware that it is difficult to communicate with the population. No worries, to remedy this, a language: smile (and invite you to parties or other sports with them to create links!).

Transports: some cities are accessible by plane but flights are quite expensive. There is a large bus network but you must be patient, the roads are more or less good, you can put 13h to 250km (I speak from experience!). Again varying prices and not necessarily a function of the distance or the quality of the bus, just in terms of cities … Some boats also particularly between Bagan and Mandalay and another linking Mawlamyine to Hpa-an. Finally if you want to go to Mrauk U (apparently fabulous but i ride discouraged me not having the time), you will reach Sittwe by one means or another and take a boat from one to the other .

By city now, here are my “tips” and information taken in passing.

– No special place to recommend, I had not booked and found myself in a hotel far from the center for $ 35 and nothing was worth that price. If other travelers have addresses, post them in a comment on this article!
Visits: Schwedagon pagoda visit not to be missed, entry 8000 kyat (or $ 8). Lake: entry 3000 kyat. Go for a walk in the Bogyote market full of beautiful things and is very alive.

Golden Kalaw Inn GH : double room $ 12, $ 10 when you arrive in the middle of the night. Not fancy but cheap and breakfast included, and apparently much better than its neighbor Golden Lily GH to avoid the comments heard ..
Trek to Inle Lake: Sam’s is the agency which is the reference of the city. They are very professional, competitive in price and have guides who speak good English (specify it well when you book!). 40,000 kyat for 3days/2nights with a group of 6 people including the guide, food, nights in villages in host families, the boat upon arrival to your hotel.

Aquarius Inn hotel :one of my favorite hotels in Myanmar ! Between 18 and $ 25 double room, $ 15 solo with shared bathroom ( 2 rooms only between I think! ) With excellent breakfast, fruits and tea on arrival , lovely staff , super clean , cozy outside , wifi, reservation of bus boats and other gift upon departure ( !) .
Entrance fees to the lake: $ 10
Boat trip on the lake: 15000 kyat per boat to share with up to 5 people for the day. You set the start time directly with your boat , you can rent them at the port or at your hotel. As you tell him what you want to see ( very interesting to see the fishermen in particular early morning at sunrise before the arrival of tourists, and I also loved the textile mills , parasols and cigars but everything is a matter of taste !) .
Restau: you can find plenty around that serve excellent fresh fish. Full of food as the market. And pancakes for tourists that we are :)

– I joined Bagan via the slow boat from Mandalay ($ 15 departures but only on Wednesdays and Sundays). Nice experience , very quiet and you stop all the time to file and retrieve goods eccentric locals who have no other way than to have the food for example. Very long journey by cons , 17h and sometimes even more so to you … There are also express boat but they cost $ 50 …
Winner GH: $ 11 double room with shared bathroom ($ 25 with private bathroom ) . Room rather drab admittedly small but good breakfast, super friendly staff and full of advice , bicycle rental and e -bike at good prices and GH well located ( between Nyaung -U and Old Bagan ) .
Restau : The Moon vegetarian restaurant very good and great atmosphere.
Visits: entrance to the site costs $ 15 (you can apparently escape if you arrive at night). After , rent bikes or e -bikes to browse the site at your own pace , you stop where and when you want! Sunrise must be seen with balloons in the sky (since Bulethi temple or pagoda Shwesandaw ) beautiful sunset as the sun.

A must to go from Bagan to Ngapali, if you can avoid it and fly I recommend it! The city has no great interest, I was in a shabby GH for $ 10 a night … In short, nothing to say!

– 1st night at Lynn Thar Oo hotel , only available who have not booked with room in a bungalow facing the sea for $ 55 solo ($ 70 for 2 people) and breakfast gargantuan . Then Memento hotel, right next , $ 30 room bungalow with just 1 bungalow in front of you that separates you from the sea ($ 35 double but they are actually the same room ) . Excellent breakfast too , all facing the sea , waves and other … You also have the SMS GH for $ 10 a night but after all depends on what you want in accommodation for the beach, this is definitely not the same kind …
Restau : the 2 hotels offered good not much more expensive than on the beach meal. Small huts along the beach if (but are brought to disappear so quickly throw you over !) Including the Coconut Beach which offers excellent fish and tasted all the dishes were excellent and cheap !
Boat ride for half a day to snorkel and see the fishing villages. 15,000 kyat ship up to 4 people , 20,000 kyat if you are 5 or 6.

San Francisco GH : 8$ single room with shared bathroom (without breakfast). Nice owner who makes you maps of the city.
Visits: monastery for lunch time at 11am to see the monks, it is worth the experience!

KINPOON (Golden Rock)
Pann Myo Thu GH : $ 8 solo room with shared bathroom, add $ 1 for breakfast for you. In a nice house with flowers everywhere, nicer to my taste than the Sea Sar GH which is the same price.
Visits : to see the Golden Rock of course! The opportunity to walk (for me at 3:35, 4:30 4h-count according to the locals) but beware the climb is not suitable for all as I explain here. Otherwise you can go up and down in pick-up to the top for 2500 kyat per trip per person. Entrance to the pagoda fees: $ 6
Restau: that of Sea Sar is good enough!

Soe brothers GH : one of my other favorite places ! Filled with backpackers , friendly service and organized tours to perfection, they can explain all the region ! $ 6 solo room with shared bathroom (no breakfast) between 12 and $ 18 per double room.
Visits: lot to see in the area so as you wish, take the tour organized by the brothers Soe GH pick up (30000 kyat day divided by the number of people , 6 max) or rent a motobike to explore the region at your own pace and according to your desires ( what I did and I found it very nice , you can also see the sunrise and sunset like that! ) which costs 8000 kyat day + gazoil (2000 kyat the day for me).
Restau : excellent soup ( 200 kyat ) installed on a stand in the street for lunch only down the GH Soe , people come here from all over the city for this soup! For the evening , I know that too recommend the night market where you can eat very well for 500 kyat ! Sit where food inspires you , lift the lid and go!

Cinderella hôtel : $ 25 solo room with breakfast (excellent). Bel renowned hotel. Otherwise you have the Breeze GH for about $ 10 a night I think with shared bathroom but multiple comments from people who found bed bugs in their bed have dissuaded me from going!
Visits : again motobike rental possible at the same price to explore the area including the largest reclining Buddha in the world. Possibility of guided tours by car for 60,000 kyat day and you will see many places (the list seemed to me long perso …).
Restau: I again followed my favorite place, the market for lunch along the docks in the evening (one opposite the market day, on the road leading south of Mawlamyine) with excellent barbecue meat, fish and vegetables. You can room (generously) for 1500 kyat!

If you want more information on something in particular, do not hesitate to post a comment below this article!

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