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On 21 December 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Make your visa before you leave for simplicity . Valid for 3 months with the possibility to go 1 time in Tanzania and Uganda without repaying the visa returning to Kenya. Cost: € 40

Humanitarian association
As you could follow, I spent my time in Kenya in a small humanitarian organization called Migosi Family Hope Society. If you want to contact them directly, you can send an email to . You will stay in the house with them and live their daily lives, in addition to various humanitarian missions (check on this article to have a vision of what I did) . From my side , I was passed by a larger organization to find , CIVS, which is located in Nairobi . They offer full of different kinds of missions and full of places in Kenya. Feel free to look at their website to see the extent of their missions. You can also contact SVI international is a Belgian organization that deals with the link between you and them ( that’s what I did for me) . If you want more details, do not hesitate to email me .

As I leaved in my host family , I do not have many plans hotels to give to you. However, in Nairobi , I was in a cheap and good one (not great neighborhood careful not to go out at night alone) :
Midview Hotel Nairobi – 1800 shilling with little room for 1 person, 2000 room for 2 persons

It is strongly recommended that you travel with taxis you know / you heard in Kenya. Nairobi , you can contact these two people:
Smiley : 0733913109
Steve : 0721417342

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