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On 17 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Following lots of mails to have good addresses or tips in India, I started a topic “country useful” with tips about where I stayed and some good places / good contacts that can help you. I would do you a full point parallel budget by country as soon as I get my laptop!

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When I was there, the exchange rate was the following : 1€ = 82 INR (make it simpler with 1€ = 80 INR)

No GH since I was staying with a friend but I have heard many bad stuff about sleeping in Old Delhi area because of overcrowding and noise so I would recommend finding another place to stay.
Metro handy to move, then possibly supplemented by a rickshaw but you will not hurt economies (I put on my metro pass 200RS which allowed me to do all my trips during 7 days in Delhi).
Restaurants: Good restaurant chain Bikanaverla makes excellent plentiful thali!
Eating on the street where the premises are many, they are the best places!
– Red Fort: 250RS – I recommend, and afterwards to have seen full, not worth the detour.
– Qutub Minar: 500RS – quite expensive but nice
– Lody Garden: free and very friendly, will observe families picnicking and playing cricket!
– Mosque: 300RS – superb, my favorite heart to visit Delhi

Pyrenees Homestay GH : single room for 200 and 400RS (dorm 200RS). Nice home, nice view, you can take breakfast / meal on the rooftop and the food is good. Wifi and hot water. A little far from the center, take the rickshaw if you do not want to walk too.
– I’ve heard and seen Kamal GH which has a superb view of the Taj from the rooftop and also another GH I have no name but is on your left when you go to the east gate of the Taj , inevitable. Same price as my GH, beautiful garden and clean.
Visits : of course, the Taj Mahal is a must (750RS). I also strongly recommend the Agra Fort which is superb (300RS) and I saw the Baby Taj (125RS) and Taj forest (100RS), nice if you have a little time.
Restau: Joney’s is a must in all the guidebooks and for one simple reason, it is good and cheap and the staff is friendly!

Sagar GH: 200RS for a double room with shared bathroom. Sad room itself but rooftop and clean bathroom. I think we can find more enjoyable. But for the price and a 10-15min walk from the main Ghat. Wifi and on demand hot water in a bucket.
– To see the ghats by boat (between 200 and 300RS the boat for about 1 hour ride but little more expensive if you go for sunrise or sunset).
– Good business in the bazaars that are cheaper than in other cities

Vinayak GH: 300RS single room with shared bathroom . Placed next to the train station , super friendly staff , friendly house with the whole family and many travelers who mix. Everything is very clean . Possibility of rooftop dining , delicious breakfast ( I have not tested meals). Wifi and hot water.
Rickshaw took 2 days for him to take me everywhere. You should know that the center of Jaipur itself is small and it is interesting to visit the surrounding area. 600RS paid for 2 days, I can give you details of my driver Imane which was very cool and made ​​me discover many things (water palace , palace monkeys, unexpected encounter with elephants, textile factory and depending your desires, Amber fort ) .
Visits: I took the past five monuments 350RS which included a visit to the Amber Fort (a must) and 4 other smaller monuments in Jaipur itself. I preferred them a long visit to lose myself in the colorful bazaars of the city and lunch with two Indian !

Panorama GH: 400RS night in double room, very nice and clean, good service for cleaning clothes and cheap, good food served with a stunning rooftop views of the City Palace (especially at sunset ) . Ability to do everything on foot without taking rickshaw ! Wifi and hot water.
Restau : Namaste cafe serving good fresh juice and pancakes , in the rooftop . Enjoy a drink or a meal at Ambrai coffee at the end of the island on the other side of the City Palace . Great view of the City Palace at sunset .
Visits: City palace entrance at 115RS , 300RS add to the camera and 340RS if you want a boat tour . To my taste , the museum is not worth the cost and definitely do not pay for the camera . The boat ride is quite nice however. Sunset over the City Palace ; Go stand on the bridge for pedestrians only , which connects the two parts of the city or go after coffee / hotel Ambrai on the steps !

Tanu GH: 500RS the most expensive double room during my trip to India but the family is a rare kindness . Large and super clean room, modern bathroom with hot water. Wifi . And they will show you according to your desires and how they cook another … Well placed , overlooking the fort rooftop and 10min walk to reach (if not lost) . Ability to do everything on foot .
Restau : outside food “home made” and offered by my GH remain absolutely ” restaurant ” L’ omelette which is at an angle of shop before entering the place of the clock . Good and cheap , and the concept is worth it!
Also tested the rooftop of the Sunset GH , invited by the owner who saw me taking pictures of people , to take tea. Beautiful view and atmosphere to cool!
Visit: the entrance to the fort is a bit expensive for my taste ( with 500RS including audio guide + 100RS for the camera , focus must leave a caution of 2000RS or passport required for the audio guide but I managed to negotiate my way not having the money on me) . Very nice views of the city from the fort.

Nomads GH: 200RS single room with private bathroom ( but outdated ) . Room a little sad and a little rustic system to heat hot water for the shower but very friendly welcome by Aladdin who can pick you up / drop off the bus on request (or even without asking !) . Great rooftop with beautiful views of the fort and good food. Wifi and hot water.
Restau : dinner good enough to Tibet I don’t know what ( but in all the guides and easy to find ! ) And especially a great place for breakfast is Kuku , an address hard to find but worth to be found!
Visits : the entrance to the fortress is free ( finally!) . Camel safari to 1800RS per person for 2 days / 1 night in the dunes which also includes meals. Be careful to make you explaian what the price includes or not and where they take you . I understand they you could be traced at 4 per group but also at 20 with all the guides once you arrived at the spot to sleep that removes some of the charm of the ballad in my opinion … Organized with my GH on my side.

I hope this kind of articles will help some. If you want more info about something in particular, do not hesitate to ask me!photo 1

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