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On 22 September 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

I have been in New Zealand for 3 weeks now, time really flied but I did a lot of things!

IMG_2523I began by spending 3 days in Auckland, the time to rest a bit, to learn the geography of the country, to walk under the rain in and around the city in good company with Melissa, a young German encountered at the hostel when I arrived. Hazard of life, she was leaving the country to visit Australia with a van for few weeks after 9 months spent here, for me it was the opposite, I had just left Oz for settling a few months here and find a job to bail out. After just one day to have told each other’s lives, our travels, our meetings and exchange full of advices on the 2 countries, I told her that I did not really want to stay in this huge city without charm to work. She told me “Go in Wellington, I feel that this is a city that will please you.” After that, we decided to go to the cinema with another traveler we met in the room just before leaving. GREAT moment, IMG_2537I was so happy to go to the cinema (I‘m a big fan) that I got to the checkout dancing, the lady laughed so much that she made ​​discounts for us and gave us a giant popcorn. Then our third compatriot asked for how many years we are friends Melissa and me. Funny moment, but somewhere it’s true that I feel I know her for a long time and we had found each other. In short, all that to say that two days later, I took her advice and I got on a bus to Wellington, not knowing at all what it would look like or what to expect but trusting her because something told me that even if we spent only 2 days together in our lives, she has surrounded me enough to know what I expect and love.
For general knowledge, you should know that Wellington is actually the capital of the country despite its small size. It is the third most populous city in the country and it is located at the southern end of the North Island (you follow? :)). It is a cultural city with museums, theaters and cinemas, not to mention the street art. It is also a city known for its large number of cafes and restaurants.

IMG_2551On the bus (that left at 7am and arrived at around 10pm after a long road, a bus change and an accident), my friend Camille reminds me by text that we met a senior couple in a bus in Laos who lives in Wellington and who gave me their address. With no time, I find the paper in my bag and I send them an email. 30 minutes later, they tell me to cancel my hostel and go directly to their home at night to sleep. I feel that this city already brings me luck
I arrived late in the evening in their beautiful apartment in the city center, I feel welcomed like a queen. They are fussing with me, the kindness of the Kiwis is therefore not only a reputation! The next morning, I do not waste time and decide to visit the city, under the sun, with my resume in hands. I was told it was difficult to find a job in this season, especially when we do not stay long, but I did not want to lie either. So I went with my smile and my duty to enter all the doors and in two days, I found 5 jobs in cafes / restaurants / clothing stores / hotels! So I decided to keep 2 that match in hours and with whom I had a good feeling, to earn the most money possible in a few months. So I’m a cooking assistant at Columbus Coffee in the morning from 6am and follow that 2nd job as a waitress in a restaurant / tapas bar called Avida which is absolutely great. I’m a fan of the establishment, customers, the food is excellent and most importantly, great staff with a boss who deserves the prize for best manager. I honestly think that with such good bosses, nobody would leave its job

IMG_8572Anyway, in the middle of the job search, I also found a room, not wanting to abuse the hospitality of Lynn & Alex and not wanting to either stay in a backpacker (as many do here). So I found a room in a house just renovated that I love, in the city center. I‘m a 15 minute walk from my jobs, the view is very nice, calm place. I have so far only one roommate, Dimitri, Russian, but three other empty rooms are ready to fill with new roommates. I bought a few things to decorate at the salvation army (my landlord gives me the furniture) and my lovely friends have lent me sheets and other so I don’t have to buy too much (really, their kindness leaves me speechless). Strange sensation that says after 1 year to travel, to move every day, to create something new every day, pack my bag, to put my things in a wardrobe and have some sort of routine… Something with which I have a little trouble although I can see some advantages. But I feel that my thirst for discovery will soon come back :)

IMG_2586Since then, I work 55 to 60 hours per week, knowing it would grow further in the coming weeks with an average of 65-70h. I have little rest, usually 1 hour max break between my jobs, but I am motivated by telling me that it’s for a short time and this will allow me to finish my journey serenely financially, really being mown for now! And then, when I will be 80 years old, what I will remember is not that I was working 60 hours a week but that I had a very nice adventure in Wellington in New Zealand for several months. In addition, as I really like my job at the restaurant, I can take a distance and make something very enjoyable and entertaining. And I enjoy my breaks going to the waterfront and enjoying the panoramic city views or a walk. And my days off to visit the area, going to exhibitions, museums (the Te Papa Museum, the largest in the country, is here). I also have my small market on Sunday morning at 2-minute walk from my house.

IMG_8649I also met some lovely people on the street, talking here and there at the hostel where I stayed for two days at a time. So, I have a small circle of people that I can see. I thus share the rugby game New Zealand VS South Africa in a bar last week with Matthew, hairdresser who plays with my hair, I walked in Otari Bush Walking with Carolin (German), shared a coffee with the Peruvian Gissela and discussed about my vision of the world with Alex, Australian, around a burger bar and super Southern Cross bar. I see Alex & Lynn with whom I went to admire the view at the top of Mount Victoria and made a drive all along the coast. And I‘m having fun with my colleagues and boss at Avida.

IMG_8384In other words, you‘ll understand that Melissa had understood: Wellington is made ​​for me! I hooked the first minute, this small town full of great cafes and restaurants, with the sea, small mountains around, I feel good. It feels right for me. A strange feeling that I have to be here for a reason. I had never thought of this place before, yet Wellington today is just obvious, irrational perhaps, but full of meaning for me. So regardless of the number of hours worked, I‘ll make sure to make the most out of this place where I feel at home, before hitting to other wonders in this country who already holds a lot of promise

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