My house from the inside

On 30 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Today I present you the house where I lived for 9d ays now and for more 5 weeks. In fact, we are 11 to live in this house (5 adults and 6 children), the other being left in two other apartments and 1 house of grandparents. We spent the greater part of our days in the grandparents’ house that has a large garden, and we return to our home around 6pm. And promised, once I have the photo of the entire family, I put the family tree that I have reconstructed and you will know who’s who!

So getting back to the house, here are the different parts pictured



Left; home of grandparents with on the right the goats enclosure / Right; our lounge, dining room


maison2 maison3

The kitchen in two views with all the dishes and as you can see only a fire to cook


The “shower” with on the right the drums containing water and buckets to use (same principle in the kitchen)


My bedroom, pretty basic but I use a stool for bedside table and my closet is my bag!

Here you are, now you know all of my environment! Soon details of the family and so many other adventures …


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