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On 27 October 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

I wanted to write this article for a long time but I think it may be the most addictive and complicated compared to explain what we do in our humanitarian missions. Yes, more complicated because this family has become my family over the past days here… I spent so much time with each of them, learned so much about them and with them that I can not of course explain to you all of it in an article. So I’ll get to the point: this family is incredible, amazing. I was apprehensive at first, but I quickly forgot this feeling! Each member is ​​exceptional in its own way, each has its own personality, talents, characteristics.

IMG_2685I put here the family tree so that you understand a bit who is who. Between brackets, you will find the age of some of you there too (yes because with such a large family it is sometimes difficult to navigate). But in this family, no matter whether you are a sibling, cousin, nephew or niece, adopted, everyone considers everyone as brothers and sisters and it is an essential brotherhood which balance the family. And after 1 and a half months here, I consider myself as a full member of this family.

Nyanya and Babu are the patriarchs, they remain in their home most of the time and take a good care at their entire tribe. Oldest children adopted live with them. If I go back in order, James is the artist of the family who draws everything he sees and inspires him. Grace is my mama here, she has a gold heart and is struggling to work in parallel of our missions. I have not (yet) had the chance to meet Johnson because he lives in the U.S.. Peter and Collins take care most of the time of the water distribution side at the school. Moses works mostly outside Kisumu and is here from time to time on the weekend. Hellen is my big sister here and coordinates a large part of the activities of the association Migosi Family Hope Society, that Tabitha, the youngest sisters, presides. Valerie, Peter’s wife, helps us in missions like Gau. Amami is the person who takes care of the children during the day and is also the cooker for everyone. And you also have all children, older or younger. Some work, like Barry who has launched the sale of Smoky’s every night. Most go to school like Rollins who is currently passing his exams to go to college or equivalent. The others are at the nursery school, primary or secondary depending on their age.

IMG_2648Honestly, each of those persons is important in this family. I rarely heard them complain, I’ve always seen them smiling. I will always remember all the times spent with them, pizzas dinner, pool days, Sunday morning at the church, Sundays afternoon at hippo point, all the meals with the music blaring, the (very) many times when we danced together, the time spent at preparing dinner with my two acolytes, the time playing with the little ones, the endless moments walking under the sun for our humanitarian missions or times to move 30 tons of sand at the school. Every minute spent with them was precious to me, even if at times I have missed my “real” life and the people, they managed very quickly how to make me forget those moments. Now I have one week to spend with them, I ‘m going to enjoy every minute of it and have fun with them as we have done so much. I know in advance that I will miss them all very much. But I made them a promise to return one day, even if that day is in 30 years. So I will… and I suggest you go to meet them or help them if your heart tells you to!

One last word for them: asante kwa kila kitu, mimi si kusahau wewe. Nakupenda.

And the family picture with (almost) everyone. And feel free to check the photo galery to see all the pictures of them or me with them.


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