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On 17 July 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

What is a bucket list?
The idea comes from a movie of the same name showing two men who were not destined to meet each other and eventually find themselves facing the disease together. They then write a list of crazy things they have always wanted to do and then decide to do together.
We all have head full of dreams. So here is my bucket list that I already had a little bit in mind before leaving because there were things I wanted to do in my life, and I refined these last days. And it may continue to evolve over time. I had the chance to do some things on it, I hope that others see the day soon. I‘ll scratch made ​​things on this list. One way to carry me farther and farther, having always in mind the next dream which will become reality.

acheter son livreBig thanks to Ben from the website The Red Rucksack who gave me the idea to write this list which is, as he says it perfectly, a great motivational tool, and an awesome way to remember that experiences define us, not material things”. It’s after meeting him in Australia and talked with him that I thought it could be a nice idea to have mine in mind, and written somewhere. You can also write yours if you want, he publishes bucket lists of other people on his website. And don’t hesitate to take a look at his bucket list if you feel like it. And here is a link (I’m doing some nice promotion here) where you can buy his book that goes through some of his (incredible) adventures! All the best to him and his family.

My bucket list (the order isn’t important for my case):

  1. Visit the MOMA in New York.
  2. Learn how to danse salsa in South America.
  3. Quit a job I don’t like.
  4. Play in at least 3 casinos in Las Vegas.
  5. Learn to surf.
  6. Watch a Bollywood movie in India.
  7. Enter an airport, look at the departure flights, and take a ticket for the destination that tempts me the most.
  8. Get a tatoo.
  9. Win a photo contest.
  10. Scuba dive with orcas.
  11. Swim with dolphins.
  12. Attend a Superbowl game in the USA.
  13. Spend more good times with my family.
  14. Offer a plane / train ticket to a stranger who would have missed his/hers to thank this man who did this for me once.
  15. Participate at the light festival Loy Krathong in Thailand.
  16. Prepare and attend the wedding of my best friend.
  17. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square in New York.
  18. Do something crazy for love.
  19. Attend the Rio carnaval.
  20. Create my company.
  21. Swing in the hammock in MY garden.
  22. Save someone’s life.
  23. Do my first photo exhibition.
  24. Swim in a hot spring one evening under the stars.
  25. Go to Roma with my grandma and listen to her telling me all these stories about our family that I didn’t know.
  26. Learn to play chess.
  27. Plant a tree.
  28. Buy the house of my dreams, close from the sea and the mountains.
  29. See the Taj-Mahal.
  30. Jump properly with my snowboard in a snowpark (without falling this time).
  31. Spend an entire day watching some Disney movies.
  32. Launch a lantern from the beach.
  33. See an aurora.
  34. Sleep under the stars in the Sahara after drawing the 1st mark with my feet on the sand dunes.
  35. Make a professionnal listening to my piano compositions. And see his reaction.
  36. Put my feet on all the continents.
  37. See the Eiffel Tower sparkles all over again.
  38. Publish my photography book.
  39. Play piano in front of minimum 5 strangers in the street.
  40. Climb and see the sunrise from the top of the Kilimandjaro.
  41. Make a parachute jump.
  42. Hug an elephant.
  43. Drive a convertible.
  44. Kite with children in India.
  45. Do a safari in Africa.
  46. Get involved in a humanitarian association for few months.
  47. Do another paragliding flight, this time during summer in the middle of the mountains.
  48. Climb a mountain that is more than 4000m high.
  49. Danse in Uyuni desert in Bolivia.
  50. Really learn how to kitesurf and make my 1st edges with a big smile.
  51. Learn how to jump with a kitesurf to have this feeling of being on the water the 1st second and in the air the 2nd.
  52. Leave, alone, on a World tour for a year.
  53. See a basketball game in the US and scream « DE-FENSE ». (Knicks vs Heat of Miami – Phil Collins as a guest star!)
  54. See a concert of Jean-Jacques Goldman.
  55. Do a hot air balloon flight.
  56. See the Machu Picchu.
  57. Ask a stranger in the street to take a picture of her/him.
  58. Go to Thailand and discover this country I’ve heard so much about.
  59. Go to Australia and find Drazic from Heartbreak High (or the koalas, as you wish)
  60. Speak perfectly English and fluently Spanish.
  61. Visit New-Zealand and its 1000 wonders.
  62. Go over my vertigo and my fear of heights.
  63. Cook some muffins or cookies and distribute it in front of strangers doors.
  64. Find the man who will share my life and have a family with him.
  65. Celebrate Holi in India.
  66. Know how to play “Hit the road jack“ and “I’ve got a woman” from Ray Charles in piano.
  67. See the hot air balloon flighting in Bagan for sunrise.
  68. Attend a handball World Cup or Olympics final and see France lift the trophy.
  69. Offer a week of vacation to my entire family to thank them.
  70. Run a half-marathon.
  71. Drink a cocktail on a wonderful beach with my best friend.
  72. Learn meditation.
  73. Learn to sew with my grandmother to make at my turn some clothes for my grandchildren one day.
  74. Have the freedom feeling of driving a motorbike around a countryside.
  75. Play drums.
  76. Do some roller at a disco party.
  77. Live in a foreign country for at least 6 months.
  78. Reach my ideal weight.
  79. Cook an Asia diner to my friends in France.
  80. Don’t use my phone or any other electronic device for at least a week.
  81. Be PADI certified for scuba diving.
  82. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
  83. Do a back somersault.
  84. Have a picture published in National Geographic.
  85. Spend an Asian New Year’s Eve and have fun while throwing water on everybody.
  86. Sponsor a child to pay for his education and more.
  87. Kick a punching bag.
  88. Admire the view from a helicopter.
  89. Get up on a famous stage. (Olympia, Paris – Concert de M)
  90. Have a big party with ALL my friends, no exception.
  91. Go to NYC with my 5 best friends and danse on “Friends” music.
  92. Play handball again.
  93. Have free drinks from stranger on my birthday.
  94. Teach my kids how to dive in a swimming pool.

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