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On 13 July 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Whether your phone is running with Android, iOS or any other mobile operating system, here are some apps that could help you in your daily life as a traveler. Feel free to add others in the comments of this article if you have other ideas!

For your plane tickets:
app-transportsSkyScanner: this is one of the best flights comparators. Extremely well thought out and very intuitive, it allows you to compare prices of all airlines easily by changing the day, time and flight time. Quite handy if you have not taken a Round the World ticket or if you need to add one along the way.
Wego: another flights comparators very useful and easy to use.
Liligo: same, flights comparators.
eDreams: another one. Sometimes, depending on the flight, one offers better price than the others.
Air Asia: that is the main low-cost in Asia. The app allows you to find easily the flights of this company but also allow you to register online.

To find an accomodation:
app-logementTripAdvisor: most of the time, you do not need to book your accommodation in advance and you will find once there. But the app allows you to read some reviews online in advance to identify one or two places, and also note where you stayed for other travelers. The app also shows you the restaurants, activities and interests of the cities, this can be very useful!
Couchsurfing: this service allows you to find the travelers around the world who are willing to offer you a spot on their couch overnight. This can also allow you to simply meet people for coffee, visit a city or another.
Airbnb: same service as couchsurfing unless you have to pay for it. You occupy someone’s home during their holidays. You will have an apartment / house for you instead of a bed in a dormitory, sometimes for the same price as a hostel!
Hostelworld: again, it is rare to book accommodation in advance, but the app allows you to locate upstream hostels present in the city where you go and have their address (they are often grouped in the same areas). if you want to book a more comfortable place time to time or watch comments, the app can be useful.
Agoda: this app is Air Asia but for housing! Specialist on Asia, Agoda allows you to quickly find a home in your price range by city.

To locate / orientate yourself in a city:
app-localisationMapsWithMe: discovered through travellers on the way, I must admit that this is in my eyes one of the most useful apps I have on my iPhone! You download cards of the country you want when you have wifi. After that, wherever you are, you can access a map and a quick and accurate geolocation on your phone, with a bonus guesthouses names, restaurants, bars and monuments nearby. A REALLY useful app!
Google Maps: same, if you upload the maps when you have wifi, the app will allow you to easily find your position in the city. However, you must download all before you go, once on site, the app can’t expand the downloaded map. Also serves as a GPS (load path wifi before you need to going).
Local city transportation app (London Tube, PTV…): very useful when you are in big cities especially, you have the subway / bus / tram and other transportations maps in your hands.
Compass: useful to my eyes to know which way the sun rises and sets (and take advantage of attractive spots to enjoy these moments), the compass can be helpful sometimes to locate you in the most remote corners where you just head the general point where you should go.

To stay in contact with your family and friends:
app-contactWhatsapp: you can send text for free from wherever in the world when you have Wifi. You can also send pictures, vocal messages or videos.
Viber: same as Whatsapp but with the free calls from anywhere, if you have Wifi. You won’t have any image though (compared to FaceTime on iPhone for example).
Skype: you can call your relatives for free, with an image (from your smartphone or your laptop), in condition that the person you call also have the app and a camera that works.
Facebook, Twitter and other social network that you use everyday: to share your pictures, videos, moods, some articles of your website and other.

To have fun with your pictures:
app-photosInstagram: social network which allows you to share your pictures by adding some filters. You can also receive comments from people who follow you, or post pictures on some other social networks.
Moldiv: an app like Instagram a little more advanced since it allows you more filters, create patchworks with pictures, insert text and other. Again, the opportunity to save on your phone or directly upload them on other social networks like Facebook.
TextOnPhoto: specialized in adding text to a photo, you will have more potential than Moldiv effects.
Dropbox : can be useful to save your pics on a server

app-diversXE currency: probably one of the app I use the most personally. Enables you to quickly and easily obtain the conversion in Euro or any other currency of the amount you get. Very well to avoid scams or make your budget if you do not have the exchange rate in mind.
Your bank app: to monitor your accounts regularly, to make transfers if necessary, discuss with your advisor if you need it. To know when you’re short and you have to work. And when your account is at 0, it’s time to come back home
Vidalvoyageur: app that gives you all the health information you need by countries such as vaccines or the potential risks of malaria and dengue, things to be careful of.
WordRef or Google Trad (or both): to quickly get word translations you need in your everyday life, at the restaurant when you want to understand what you eat and more.
Weather: to know if the sun will shine tomorrow!
Flashlight: to have some light you when it is dark outside or in your dorm when everyone is asleep and you do not have your head torch.

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