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On 11 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

In the health section, the first point is vaccines. Think about it soon enough, some vaccines require multiple injections with delays between each.

First, to find out exactly which vaccine you need to do, I can take a look at the following websites (not exhaustive):
– Institut Pasteur vaccination: recommended by country by clicking here
– Vaccination Center Air France: click here
– Public service: click here

For my trip, here are the vaccines that were recommended:

As a precaution and to reassure me also, in addition to those information found on the websites, I decided to also take a special consultation with a doctor at the Pasteur Institute. Please note that this consultation has a cost of 50 € but it allowed me to ask all my questions in detail and leave with all the requirements of drugs against malaria, a list of products against mosquitoes and other. It also allowed me to reassure me about my list of vaccines that I noticed.
The two international vaccination centers in Paris the most famous are the Institut Pasteur and the vaccination center Air France. Here is the information on these two centers:

For readers who are not in Paris, there are many information websites for vaccination. Feel free to look on the Internet or ask around!
PS: I have found the Air France center after consultation with Pasteur Institute. Given their more extended hours and consulting costs lower, I suggest you go rather than Pasteur. Once embedded in the center, stay there if possible!

Another advantage of pre-departure consultation: the doctor gives you your first injection and at the Institut Pasteur (it works the same way in the Air France center), once you have made ​​the first injection in the center, you have priority to the do the vaccines. Thus, instead of the 2 hours queue each time, you’ll be in 10min entered / vaccinated / out. And believe me, when you have to go there 5 times, this is not an advantage to ignore…

So here is my vaccines list with the prices (same at Pasteur or Air France). You will see all this at a high cost, it is important to anticipate in the calculation of your expenses. Check your health record, you should definitely already have done some. But if there is something where you shouldn’t do too much saving, I think that one is definitely the one:

Another tip: do a lot of researchs and ask around you, your doctor or pharmacist will tell you that vaccines are not covered by social security or by mutual. However, this may be the case (review the Terms)! That was the case for me for example, I did pay almost all of my vaccines thanks to my mutual!

You have to take care of different parts of health. Find my articles on the prevention of malaria prevention of malaria and the first aid kit. Again, it is left to your judgment.

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