Manyara Lake, beginning of the safari and of the dream…

On 23 November 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Tuesday, November 6, we had an appointment​​. After a sad goodbye to my Kenyan host family on Sunday and the arriving at the same time of my best friend in Nairobi, we left on Monday to go to Arusha to start our 2 week safari and beaches in Tanzania. After a first night at the beautiful Ambureni lodge along Arusha to tell us our lives since our separation, we join our guide at around 8am. So begins the adventure with Fraudy, our local guide very friendly and full of knowledge, and our landrover jeep which we fall in love quickly .

IMG_1447On our way, we get to know Fraudy. How long has he been doing this business, how will be these 6 days of safari, what will we see, and other issues but the answers … do not delay! To my surprise and joy, it turns out that even before going into the first park (we do 4 parcs; lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Tarangire) we had a surprise…I was sad not to have seen hippo or zebra in Kenya, but I believe that destiny wanted the first animal I meet in Africa is…an elephant! And even 2 for that matter! Yes, in the middle of the road, in the bush, two male elephants were quietly eating on the low side of the road. The dream begins …
IMG_1522Arrived at the park a few minutes later, we were quickly immersed in the atmosphere: abundant vegetation, sounds of birds and other animals, we see everything, everywhere there is something to look. Family of baboons (fighting), blue monkeys, many birds, gazelles, impalas. For lunch, we are a little high and have views across the park and while some tourists only think of eating, we are looking for animals with Claire. A giraffe and her baby frolicking near the lake, eating wildebeest, a family of elephants who finds a source for drinking. The show is magical, it is the Lion King live show but in real, not something that can make you sit up for lunch …
IMG_1633We leave the park after observing high to find all the species below. The park vegetation is abundant, there are many trees and it is difficult to find the animals, you have to be patient and focused. Luckily our guide rolls slowly and detects fairly animals. Pretty soon we find yourself surrounded by elephants. Front, back, sides, they are everywhere, it’s magic … a few meters from us, we observe, look at every angle. Silence and noise listening. The walk will continue observing multiple animals with binoculars (flamingos in the lake especially with superb mountain we believe painted in front of us in the background) and many baboons.

After 1 day only, here we are already amazed and under the spell of this trip. One of my fondest dreams come true in front of my eyes, I still can not realize. Tomorrow, towards the Ngorongoro crater which I have heard a lot about, apparently a wonderful place… Meanwhile, we spend a great night at lodge Eileens: friendly staff, great bedrooms, pool and good food…before dreaming of elephants and other animals.

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