Malaria or not?

On 11 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

All backpackers are wondering… Do you protect yourself against malaria or not when you leave for a long time? Yeah, it may seem contradictory, when you leave for 2 weeks holiday in a country at risk, almost automatically you say “for 2 weeks, I don’t want to take the risk” and you take the treatment. Yes but now, when you leave for 6 months, 1 year or more, so many countries you will go through are at risk of malaria that the cost and side effects can freeze you.

Here is a map showing you the geography of malaria:

Paludisme carte

medoc_paluFor my part, and after discussion with the doctor at the Pasteur Institute, no risk, I will take the preventive treatment at least during the period in Africa. To avoid having too many side effects and spend all my money, I opted for the drug called Doxypalu. Indeed, you have several possible drugs, which are more or less expensive and produce effects on your body that you do not always mastered. The Doxypalu is apparently limiting the side effects, you have to take 1 tablet every day during one meal and you have to stay awake for 1h then (no lying to avoid 2ndaires position effects). For the rest, especially for South Asia, since I’m not going during the monsoon, I will take a plate of Malarone to take immediately if I see signs of Malaria, before spinning to the nearest hospital.

To learn all the details about Malaria drugs, I advise you to read carefully this article. And do not hesitate to talk about it to one or two doctors to have their opinion.

Here is my little comparison of three groups of drugs:

To read my article about the first aid kit, click here. And for all the details about vaccines, click here.


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