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On 13 April 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

IMG_1857How many times have I heard this phrase when speaking of my world tour “you’re lucky”. And every time, the same response from me: this is not a chance, it is a choice! And a choice that anyone can do.

Yes, imagine that you also can leave if you want. I already see your comments, questions and more. Conventional reasons: I do not have enough money, I have a family, I have a job, I do not speak English, I can not leave my apartment, etc. … Well sorry to say that, but all this is false reasons not to go! You feel that you need to go meet the world? Here are some tips to answer all your questions!

You do not have enough money
This is the reason I hear most often. 2 solutions in this case: either , like me, you put money aside every month as soon as you can, as much as you can for months or even years and you will leave with a set budget for a time. Either you go with little or nothing and you work on the road! I met many travelers opt for this solution, as a New Zealander traveler who left 7 years with nothing and works several weeks or months here and there according to what he wants to do, then travel then reworked and so on.
Note that travel in Asia is very cheap and it is very easy to find the odd jobs (staff in guesthouse, waiter and other). You can also apply for PVT, working holiday visa in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other. It will allow you to make employment contracts for 1 year, or simply work as a waiter or other. And you can decide to stay one month at a location to explore the area and also move from the following month !

You have a job
Again, two solutions: either you leave, “simply” to live your dream some time and you will find one to your return. Or you can through your employer take a sabbatical for 6 months or 1 year and thus find your job returning.

You have a family / children
I met many families along the way. I grant you, it’s a different type of organization and these travelers always impresses me, but you can do it! You can give yourself class to your children, find places to stay for cheap as a family while avoiding the dorms. Everything is a matter of organization! I even met some families who had given birth to one of their children on the way…

You have an apartment
If you arrange a little early, and you rarely plan a world tour in 2 days, just give your notice three months before for an apartment to rent unfurnished and 1 month before for furnished. You do not want to leave your apartment? Sublet it in this case!

You do not speak English / Spanish
I will not lie to you, it is highly preferable to speak English properly if you want to travel and enjoy your meetings with local / other travelers. In Latin America, you have to manage in Spanish for a minimum contact with guesthouses or restaurants. But you can take classes before you go or even in one of the countries you visit! Following is the daily that will teach you the rest and you will see that faster than you think, you speak well enough to open yourself to others.

You have health concerns / you do not have the age to travel
Depending on the severity of your worries, you’ll find that you will still be able to benefit from and on-site care. There are travelers who decide to make a trip around the world despite the fact that they are deaf, disabled, wheelchair or other. This necessarily requires a special organization and double checks before you go to any country but it is doable!
As for the age, to have met people from 17 to 70 years on the road backpacking, I will tell you that there is no age to enjoy!

IMG_2281In short, you understand my point, what I mean is that doing a world tour or a long journey is only a matter of desire and courage. Nobody came to me one day and said ” Charline, it’s good, I met a sum of money for you, you can resign from your job I deal with a new one when you return and do not worry about your apartment I care.” No, nothing like that. I collected some money and saved for over a year , sometimes depriving me outings and shopping that’s true. I sold most of my furniture and found a new renter for my apartment that I loved and that I had put 6 months to find (and thanks my grandma’s basement to accommodate my last personal effects!). I decided to refuse a permanent contract in a promising and very famous company. Etc etc…
I have no luck, I made a choice: to leave everything and try. Goodbye comfort, goodbye salary, goodbye professional ambition, goodbye hot showers, goodbye my family for (too) long. Instead, I must accept to pack your bag again and again every 2-3 days, not knowing where I’ll go tomorrow or where you go to sleep, find the strength to talk to someone new every day (and in a foreign language), to deal with hundreds of animals and insects in my room / bed / around, take endless trips, getting caught in a purse, negotiate all, to be constantly making conversion about the price to see if I get caught for a pigeon or not (but in all cases , the answer is yes) and so on. And returning , I have nothing and I should start all over again but it is a choice too.
So yes it is a choice I made, assuming all these bad things but seeing all that was going to bring me. I took the risk of leaving the total unknown for almost 1 year and a half , with the ups and downs that it brings.

The real chance I have? Live in a country where it is easy for me to get a passport, which allows me to move freely in all countries of the world and easily obtain visas. I am fortunate also to have had parents who gave me the taste for travel , which allowed me to return to live with them for 3 months to save even more (and probably a few months returning, time to find a work) and the chance to have relatives who support me in this experience. THIS is a chance!

For the rest, pack your bags, it’s time for you to leave too!

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