Jambo Kenya!

On 27 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

I wanted some change, here I am!

welcome kenyaAfter 11 hours of flight with a stopover in Cairo, a good shot of drone and heavy stress (bichou thank you for your call), here I landed in Nairobi at 4am. Jacob, one of the volunteers of the association, led me to the hostel in the area Buruburu, east of Nairobi, to rest before going on three days in the city for guidance. The change is direct: just arrived, I head mechanically to the passenger seat on the right of the car… missed, here we drive on the left so the driver is on the right! Well I mean, we drive on the left … when there is no sag or swell or people on the road! At 4, many people are already up and all buses (the matatu) gathered before starting the service to avoid traffic jams. All pubs and messages are in English, I learned that indeed Swahili and English are the two local languages, but because of local dialects, English is preferred.

To arrive at the hostel, we must pass a Checkpoint with a closed padlock and barbed wire fence to avoid any problems in this city that is not very secure at night.

Once lying around 4:30, now it is the roosters wake up and put on a show. Suit to 5am call to prayer for Muslims (although most Kenyans are Christian, another part is Muslim).

After a short night’s sleep, so here I am awake at 9am. I share a room with one another volunteer, Yunjin, Koream, who will be in mission “kids” also but in Nairobi.

breakfastAt 10am, Stemps, another Kenyan volunteer, picks us. He announced 10min walk to the association office (we actually walk 30min). And then on the way we discover all the shopkeepers all along the road selling food, clothing, cell phone and other. My 1st breaksfast: hot chocolate & chapati (local bread that looks like a pancake), then we go to buy a SIM card to be contacted by the association. People are all over the street but careful because in Kenya, pedestrians are never prior under any circumstances therefore we must look around before crossing!

Next we arrive to the association where we meet almost all the staff, including Julia and Laura, German, which we will do our orientation. After a lunch with beef and chopped rice, health and safety recommendations on attack should not be overlooked. Many precautions to take for mosquitoes to avoid catching malaria (although many have caught anyway), never walk alone after 8pm, always take taxis and preferably that has been recommended, etc …

Then a power outage to 4:15 p.m. stops everything and everyone goes home. For our security, it is currently one of the members who bring us to our hostel.

Time for a nap and dinner and the first day ended. Tomorrow another day of orientation more based on association and missions. Friday we will do the city tour before I leave to Kisumu on Saturday.

1st impressions? Everything is different, there is a contrast to the Western world but I was prepared. Where I go to Kisumu for my mission Saturday is a really secluded corner where I have to be very careful. No swimming in the lake, high risk of malaria, never drink tap water, etc.. It will surely take me a little time to get used to the customs, languages​​, foods and other but all is well (unless it’s raining here but it should be better for me to Kisumu).

I can talk for hours that first day and everything I’ve seen, but I will tell you as and measurement. In any case, “so far so good.”

PS: know the internet is very slow so not sure I get to you often put pictures but I will try! For now, it is a failure :)

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