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On 15 September 2013 by From elephants to kangaroos

Where, when, why, how? I’ll try to explain, and rather in disorder…

commentHow? This will be alone, as I want to live my experience, follow my dreams without forcing anyone or impose my choices. But knowing that friends will join me during the trip and that I will meet a lot of people. For transportation, many people are wondering when I talk about my world tour (yes, believe me it’s always the first question that people ask me) as for me, no hesitation: I will fly for long distances and I will use local transport for all other trips.

Why? Oh why… You 2h to loose reading me? No? OK, I’ll try to go to the point. For several years I have made reflected choices, I tried to take the “good roads”. So after high school, I went to business school, I lived in Canada, I worked in several companies like Lagardère, Sony, Amazon. This kind of societies that makes many people dream. I had a lot of fun and I don’t have to be ashamed of such a resume at my age, but all of this did not fit my life choices anymore. Today I want to follow another dream of travelling around the world, to meet other people, discover new cultures and find the real me. Yes, find the real me. Because a little voice inside me has always pushed me to other paths such as sports, piano, photography… And as we say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I am 26 years old, no home, no children, no husband, no borrowing on my back, no permanent job. Well, it’s time for me to try and who knows, maybe I’ll have a click, a desire, a revelation. And at least, I will return enriched by multiple meetings with beautiful eyes filled memories.

We therefore arrive at When? Easy, I gave my resignation in 2012 of a job and I landed with a 1 year job that ended in June 2013. The date is found: it will start on September 17th, giving me the time to prepare everything peacefully! For the return, it is expected for now on December 22th, 2014.

ouAnd finally, Where? This is the funniest part, but also the most difficult one. You should process by elimination:
Europe : forgotten! This continent is not part of the destinations included in a round the world ticket and it is close to France, I can go later, on other occasions, especially that as I’ve already been to a lot of countries.
North America: I lived 6 months in Canada and I have been several times in the U.S. for several months. So I quickly eliminated this option.
South America: the dream of many travellers and one of mine too, especially when we talk of Uyuni desert, Buenos Aires, Machu Pichu or statues of Easter Island… Yes but we can’t go everywhere and as I travel alone, it is the continent that worries me most for my safety. So I currently set aside and told me to keep it for later. But we can’t exclude any change program…
Oceania: this is not even a question, it’s an evidence! My sister and brother in law are living in Melbourne and I have always been fascinated by Australia (thank you “Hartley heartbreak”, right girls?), a detour by the end of the World is needed. And left to go, I will go in New Zealand, the island that has all landscapes in the World over an area almost three times smaller than France!
Africa: I’ve always been tempted by this continent. All draws me there: people, traditions, colors, earth, deserts, mountains and animals of course… So I choose to go to Kenya and Tanzania, two countries that inspire me without being too dangerous and that will allow me to do humanitarian work, safaris and maybe climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro me if the season permits.
– We come to Asia: yes but me, Asia, it has never attracted me more than that… But upon reflection, I am starting to think on a project: how about trying to reach the land of kangaroos through all major countries where I find elephants?

babarDear reader, if you do not know me, a break is needed! In every childhood, there is a reference. Mine? Babar! Yes you know, the king elephant dressed in a nice green suit. Since my childhood, I collected everything, my bedroom was a store with derived objects. And since then, my passion for this animal has not left me for a second.

Back on Asia, I searched countries that attracted me a little, possibly having friends living there and where I could find the presence of elephants. Bam, bam, you understand where I’m going and you’re starting to trace the same route as mine! So it will start in India. Then follow Myanmar, a country that has recently re-opened its borders and stirs my curiosity. I will continue with the “combo” Vietnam / Laos / Cambodia. Who has never dreamed about the Halong Bay or Angkor’s temples? Then I will travel in Thailand, best elephant country by excellence where I will be go in memory of someone important to my heart who had gone too soon. And I will conclude by Singapore to see expatriates friends (and enjoy the joy of finding familiar faces to simply share a coffee or a couch!). Well, a little detour through Bali or Indonesia on a “whim” is not to exclude…

You want to see my route in image? Click here.

Of course, it is possible that the route changes / magnifies during the trip based on encounters, desires and moods of the day!


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