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On 27 June 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

From island to island, from beach to beach, the south of Thailand offers very different lanscapes from those I have seen in the north. There are many beaches in Thailand, therefore difficult to choose where to stop. This will actually depend more on your route.

IMG_7469For my part, as I was before in Bangkok, I decided to make a first stop on the coast in Hua Hin. This beach is quite famous for kitesurfing, this was also the reason for me going there. No luck, no wind during the few days I was there. Nevertheless, this is a very nice place to stop for a few days. There is a great beach where you can take long walks, run (perfect to go back jogging), find good small restaurants and cafes, play pool, walk to the night market for hours, in short, enjoy life. You should know, however, Hua Hin is also a great destination for prostitution, it is not uncommon to see white men with Thai women one of the negative aspects of this country!

IMG_7796I then began my journey to the islands of Thailand. There are many places to go, you should therefore make choices (the choice of the king). I started for my part in Koh Tao, a peaceful island renowned for snorkeling and diving, this is indeed the cheapest place in the world to dive. I settled on the south beach, Chalok Baan, to enjoy the quiet. From there I found a diving center (which I do not recommend to you as I didn’t like my experience with them) and rented a scooter to see more of the island. It is very nice to see the sunset on the main beach, Sairee Beach, and even extend the evening at Lotus Bar to see the fire shows and enjoy the good atmosphere among travelers. I was also going randomly on roads to discover beaches, views. Careful however, some roads are dangerous, Koh Tao is known as the island where there are a lot of scooter accidents. So remember to take pictures of your scooter when you rent it so you do not have to pay at the end of the damage that you didn’t do, and be careful on the road!
IMG_7815I made also a day on Koh Nang Yuan island, at the north of Tao, which remains to this day one of the most beautiful beach / island I’ve seen! White sand, sandbars, sublime view at the top of the island, a must do in my opinion. Not much to do on the island except enjoy the scenery and snorkelling to discover the colorful and beautiful fishes that are all along the coast. For diving, you can make it in Tao or Nang Yuan, up to you. Funds are nice enough especially if you dive for the 1st time, although of ransacked in certain places by mass tourism.

IMG_6379Then I went in Koh Phangan for his most famous activity: the Full Moon Party! Upon my arrival, I rented a scooter at the port to avoid paying taxis who abuse at rates. I have found a nice guesthouse, bungalow on the beach Baan Tai, and was going all over the island including the beaches of the northeast. Haad Salad and Ao Mae Haad peninsula are great, I highly recommend! The Full Moon takes place on South Beach Haad Rin. Do not stay in the area if you want to sleep! However, if you are on the island for the evening, enjoy. The atmosphere is guaranteed, many bars share the beach and you will find your style of music. The famous Thai buckets made your evenings good, just as fluorescent paint that you can get everywhere. I shared this evening with three Canadian and one French people and we really had a great evening from 9pm until sunrise at 6:15 in the morning!

IMG_7951My journey continued to the beaches and islands on the east, to catch my flight from Phuket at the end of my trip. So I stopped in Railay, surely one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. It is reached by boat via Krabi. I personally stayed on Tonsai beach, its neighbor, only available at this time of the year walking through the beach when the tide is low, via a small mountain when the tide is half or through the forest when it is high! The location is superb indeed, rocks out of the water which makes quite magical landscape. However, with the tide, you should know that it happens to be blocked. So I woke up the second day with the desire to go for a walk, but found myself completely blocked by the tide, could not move because there is no beach before 3pm. Through the path in the forest, we arrive at Railay but the concern of the tide is the same. To achieve the views or lagoon, you must be fitted with special shoes and want to come back covered in mud (for the lagoon anyway). I loved this place for its beauty but I was very happy to leave shortly after because I felt trapped, a feeling that I did not like it at all. If you like climbing, this is the place for you! You can climb these wonderful rocks.

IMG_8068I then stopped on Koh Phi Phi, whose beauty is praised. Indeed the island is also very pretty, with still a beach party and a quiet ones. I shared my 4 days there with 2 English girls encountered in Tonsai. We enjoyed the place, partied a lot at Slinky, went to Banana bar for watching movies, walked to the superb views. There is also a “mandatory” tour when you‘re there: take a boat at least for half a day to reach Maya Bay, famous since that’s where happen the movie “The Beach”. Even if there are many people on it, you must admit that the area is superb. On this tour, you will discover a beautiful and very large lagoon and you stop at a spot of snorkelling neat.

IMG_6604My last stop was therefore in Phuket since my flight to Singapore was from there. Phuket is there still known as a place to massive prostitution, but in reality, it depends on the beach where you go. To be close to the airport, I went to Nai Yang Beach, north east of the island. And this place is very quiet, it is actually a landmark for kitesurfers :) So perfect for me, especially since I found one of the best hotels I could test in Thailand! And it is a beach where it‘s normal to eat feet in the sand and easy to meet people, that is also pretty deserted so I highly recommend!

Here is how my journey ended in Thailand. More than 5 weeks spent here at an incredible speed, I often say it but I really do not see the time spent here. The experiences were very different, the sublime landscapes, numerous people met A paradise to me.

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