In the hills of Dalat

On 6 March 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

So here I am ( already ) arrival at the penultimate city of my Vietnamese adventure. And I decided to lose myself a little in the nature and mountains in Dalat .
imageOn the bus I met Jeremie , a Swiss with whom I spend my next 3 days. According to classical results for accommodations , we are thus left to discover the city. i expected to be lost in a small village perched high in the middle of the mountains, I am actually surprised to arrive in a large populated city where you do not see any nature … We walk and get lost in streets , one wanders in search of…nothing in fact! We enjoy the beautiful weather and heat while posing here and there especially in what would become our ” regular coffee ” for two days and a half! In the evening , we start randomly searching for dinner and end up on the big bustling night market ! Here, as in all markets, the food is excellent and cheap so do not hesitate to go!

imageThe 2nd day , we decided to go see the countryside of Dalat with a guide. Jeremie is on a motorcycle with the guide and I drive my own motobike with the habit and taste in Myanmar ! We start by visiting a pagoda in Dalat then be gradually moving away from the city and discovers planting flowers, rice, coffee and tea. We also discover a local liquor , rice wine ( to avoid this is not good and very strong !) In a cafe that produces a particular based coffee dung stone marten. The middle road is under construction and all sanded so you have to be very focused and pay attention ! I see  Vietnamese couples fall right in front of my eyes , which makes me even more cautious !

imageAfter lunch in a local restaurant although small , it goes towards water elephants falls. Then ( unfortunately) no elephants out there , I have also not yet understood why the name but the falls are really beautiful ! You can go to below and get going until (note however the path is slippery and a bit dangerous ) . Great time to just enjoy this beautiful place ! We then continue our way through the silk factory made ​​with larvae , pretty disgusting …
Timagehen we arrive in a minority village , finally just a path from a main road . We discover several families who live in small wooden houses , which does not have much and yet smile a lot . Beautiful time of sharing , I give the children of cakes I had the good idea not to eat during the day ( but it is a coincidence ) , we try to speak a little to adults through our guide. I then realized some pictures I love of children, a mother and a grandmother also bursting out laughing when I tell her she’s beautiful ! Even a simple moment etched in my memory forever …
On the way home, on the road construction, we observe a backhoe to drop a huge rock from the bottom sides of the road , the rock arriving in the middle of the road … impressive technique ! Thank you Quy from Easy Riders who was a great guide ( I ‘ll put all the contact details in a future article on the practical Vietnam).

imageThe third day we made an appointment for an adventure recommended by many travelers : canyoning ! Indeed, the area is full of waterfalls and it has become a prime spot for canyoning in the world. Well, let it be said , I ‘m dizzy and I refused to do such things. But around the world , it excels , you excel each day a little more so why not try ? Anyway, I know we can make the journey on foot so if at one point I really blocks , I could always walk down !
We begin with our guides Son and Vo by a little practice . We are only 2 with Jeremie , which is how we go at our own pace ! No particular concern to note at the beginning, I let myself floating in space , I jump and more. Then comes the time to start … a waterfall of 18m ! I start in 1st, I do not know why but I have no fear , even when Vo said he will have to make small jumps at the end of the wall. Everything is going great , and then I get in the water ( ice cold ) , super happy to do that! After you bathe in the falls , we continue our journey by other descents with ropes or directly by letting “slip” on the rocks, this is really great! At one point we imagejump 4m top of a rock to prepare for the big jump that will come later. Well here it is more complicated for me to throw this stuff in a vacuum, but I do not think too much and I ‘m going! Our two guides are hyper funny and friendly in addition to being pro and reassuring. Before lunch , we descend the biggest fall , 25m high . It is very slippery , you really happening in the water jets which brings a lot of pressure and I do not have good shoes. But do not worry , before leaving Vo explains how to stand up again if we slip . Which will serve me 2 minutes later when I will slip aha :) but again , no doubt or hesitation I rise carefree and down at a good pace . Up to 4 meters from the ground where he says to me to drop everything and jump … It will have one time when I did not move. The second attempt is good , I dropped everything and yalaaaaaah . Great print !
Then comes the moment of lunch , very complete with bread, salad , pork , cheese and fruit , all at the foot of the waterfall , so cool !
Then very naturally we leave after lunch ( observing a group of a dozen travelers going down the 25m, quite funny to see the reactions of everyone, especially when the guide tells you ” ok stop, now just jump” ) . After 1 minute of walking, guides pose bags and announce that this is the “big time,” the big jump, just like that, just after lunch and without having warned us … Well, there is a choice of skip either 11m or 7m and I know that there is a loophole to walk down . But once up there , although afraid of heights , I say it’s time to go, i did not do all that to quit now ! So I go down a few steps to reach the level of 7m and … I ‘m going! Big cry and great emotion , you really feel alive ! The guides do not believe what I told them about my vertigo , nor do I. .. And once down , Vo tempt me ” you want to go back and start over ? ” . Yeah, why not … And once up, here we go again but I decide to jump 11m this time ! You have to run a little bit for not taking the rocks jumping, nothing reassuring .. But I do not hesitate too much and I go. Wahouuuu I did it .. It will take me a few minutes to swim in water to achieve and calm my heart beating loudly !
The day ends with a final descent into the waterfall called “washing machine ” . Why this name? We discovered only by getting down and literally sprayed with water when your feet are off the wall . You get so carried away by the water in a whirlwind to the stream , really mad that day ! ! I highly recommend it to everyone so I liked ! Overcome your fears , we must live out otherwise why bother ?

imageTo finish my day and my stay in Dalat as it should , I rented the scooter to the owner of the canyoning agency to go to another more tourist waterfall where there are elephants. We will not lie, compared to elephants seen in Africa or my impromptu meeting in India , those are way more touristy , very small and a bit unhappy . But I had made a promise to see everywhere, mission accomplished for Vietnam !

Day full of emotions, I am tired . Tomorrow direction last spot: Ho Chi Minh !

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