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On 27 February 2014 by From elephants to kangaroos

Most travelers begin their trip to Vietnam by Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh or vice versa, this country has the advantage of being all in length (which does not exclude go west discover mountains).

imageAfter Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, I went to Hue, the Imperial City. I will not make long speeches about the city , it was quite nice but I must admit that with the damage of the war , there is not much left of the citadel and I have not had any luck with the weather and the constant rain . A great thing however to note: the French bakery! A must visit for you (moreover if you are traveling for a long time), this place serves excellent sandwiches and sweets.

imageHowever, my next step in Hoi An was a marvel , my very crush “city” since the beginning of my trip! We had talked to me , telling me that it was a super cute town. People do not have lied to me , that’s the word! I arrived at the end of the afternoon and I knew that the city was very enjoyable during evenings. So I did a quick check in and I went for a walk across town , my camera around my neck.
imageAnd charm operated immediately ! At sunset , in this small town crossed by a river , hundreds / thousands of colorful lanterns are lit in the streets , shops and restaurants. An irresistible spectacle … The population density is much lower than in big cities, cars and scooters are prohibited after 6pm in the streets near the river , the pedestrian is king, and it feels good ! You can make small boat rides if you wish, many Vietnamese also offer to buy small candles in colored cardboard floating on the river. You then enjoy the nightlife, street games , small shops , have a drink on a terrace , have dinner at the night market and just enjoy !

imageThe next morning, fell out of bed early around 7am and knowing that I left that city on the evening , I took the opportunity to go for a walk . Is this the same city as the night before ? Nobody in the streets, the shops are closed , the restaurants open slowly . The calm that reigns there is super nice ! A stroll on the 2 sides of the river is the best way to start the day !
I went for breakfast at Cargo , known for his talents as a baker and again, not having been disappointed ! I sat on the terrace for a while watching the city wake up.
I then took a walk to the nearest beach and An Bang met in passing a super motorcycle taxi who offered me to join Dalat with him, tempting when I saw the program and kindness but unfortunately no time for this trip. The beach is quite nice and deserted but the sea was pretty wild.

imageI then returned to the city center of Hoi An with a U.S. traveler who agrees to take me with him on a scooter to go to my Vietnamese cooking class :) Check in Gioan , so we start the course with 2 Canadian with whom I share this time. They chose the menu the day before booking : it will be spring rolls with chicken, beef Pho and fish cooked in banana leaves ! Our teacher is very nice, smiling , funny. She can not stop singing and dancing , she has a great fishing and we feel that this is no exaggeration . As a result, the course is only more enjoyable! W learn various techniques through these recipes. At the time of tasting, the verdict is relentless : it is excellent ! I highly recommend the place.

300-bookI then wander back into the streets , I discovered a small shop that sells items made by disabled children and half of the profits goes to the association. And talking with the owner , I also discovered a great French photographer Rehahn for who I fell in love with his Vietnamese portraits, I invite you to look at his website by clicking here. Then I “made a mistake” to go to the markets of fabrics and garments. Indeed, Hoi An is famous for the garment tailor-made with good quality, express time and all at low prices … Result ? In 3 hours, I had time to make two shorts perfectly in my size and a last minute purchase of a tank top, retouched 5min chrono, watch in hand, just for me, it goes perfectly … stunning! Gentlemen, run ahead for suits if you’re around!

Thus ended my short stay in Hoi An I normally reserve nothing ahead but for once I had made ​​the mistake of booking my bus to Dalat before … shame I woud have stayed longer in this city light! A new reason to return to Vietnam one day …

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